Hillary Email Scandal Grows, Blumenthal Messages Completely Classified

The Daily Caller reports on the latest Clinton email document dump, which contains more problems for the former “inevitable” democrat presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton Email Scandals

Hillary, I think your decades of lies are finally catching up with you. Perhaps you should just leave public life and work on those yoga routines.

First, the news that the State Department is not letting us see 18 emails between Hillary and her boss, the One, B. Hussein Obama.

The State Department is withholding 18 emails between former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama, agency spokesman John Kirby said Friday.


Watch State Department Spokes Imbecile Tap Dance About Whether Hillary and Obama exchanged only 18 emails in 4 years.

The news comes at the same time that the State Department announced that 22 of Clinton’s emails contain “top secret” information. That’s a far higher number than had previously been disclosed. The agency’s Freedom of Information Act department is withholding seven email chains in full in order to protect the highly classified information.

But, wait, there’s more! Sidney “Sid Vicious” Blumenthal sent messages that were completely classified, as reported here.

Previous State Department releases of Hillary Clinton emails have contained messages from her longtime friend and intelligence-provider, Sidney Blumenthal, that have been deemed to contain some classified information. But none of the records were completely classified, as is the case with four emails Blumenthal emails released by the State Department on Friday.

Blumenthal, a former Bill Clinton White House aide, was infamously blocked from taking a job at the State Department under Clinton because of his anti-Obama campaigning in the 2008 Democratic primaries. Instead, he got a job at the Clinton Foundation and frequently sent his friend Hillary intelligence reports with information gleaned from his vast network of sources in working for foreign governments and in the private intelligence business.

The State Department has already released dozens of Blumenthal emails that contained highly sensitive information. But all of those emails had at least some portions that were viewable. That is not the case with four records released on Friday.

In addition, there’s this little nugget:

The State Department did announce on Friday, however, that it will withhold in full 22 emails that contain “top secret” information. The agency also acknowledged that the information was classified at the time the emails were created. The agency gave no indication one way or the other if any of those emails came from Blumenthal. (emphasis mine)

 So much for Hillary’s explanation about the State Department “overclassifying” documents, or information being retroactively classified. All of those lame excuses are beside the significant point; that is, Hillary had no business putting our national security at risk for her “convenience” or because she wanted to keep her dealings secret and unavailable for Freedom of Information requests. 

Do you think that Hillary will be indicted? If not, will FBI Director James Comey resign? Please comment below.


  1. I must be missing something. Maybe you can connect the dots for me. Blumenthal doesn’t have security clearance but has access to classified documents, but Valerie Plame is covert even when she wasn’t. I’m so confused.

    • I’m sure Valerie Pla-MAY as I once heard Maurie Povich call her was thrilled to have that worthless pant load Joe Wilson with her. The reason she sent him to Niger is that was tired of him showing up at her office asking if she wanted to go to Costco.

      • BHO will try his damnedist to keep Hillary out of jail, or she will be known as Spillary. She will release more information than Snowden in revenge if BHO does not protect her. STAND BY!

  2. “Nothing to see here”. Hillary has said there was no classified material and they are over classifying it as a “right wing conspiracy ” , or something like that. It’s what the definition of classified is. It worked for S(l)ick Willy wagger.
    James Comey will resign if the witch is not prosecuted!

    • I suspect that you are right about Mr. Comey. At some point a person of integrity realizes that if he enables the worst of the worst, his integrity and reputation will soon be gone. That “over classifying” thing they dreamed up is HILARIOUS, designed to distract from the fact that she endangered our national security by doing the bizarre and unprecedented: having her own email server! That’s the issue. It’s like someone busted for practicing medicine without a license saying she never overcharged her patients, always provided great follow up, blah blah blah. That doesn’t matter. What matters is what she was doing was wrong from the git go! How dumb do these people think we are.

      • They think we’re very stupid and unfortunately there are way too many that have given them no reason to think otherwise.

  3. So articulate! Like a cross between three brilliant wordsmiths who have passed: William F. Buckley, Truman Capote and Glenn Frey. Sheer genius! Will you be holding any writing seminars on line? We’d all love to sign up.

  4. Dave,
    Are you attempting to defend the actions of Secretary Clinton?

  5. Leg irons? Are you crazy? We’re spending 3 Billion dollars on a new Air Force 1 and you want Hillary in leg irons? Have you any idea how much that would cost? They would have to be Yuuge to fit around those cankles.

  6. It’s ok, Hillary would have Huma in an adjoining cell. It would be more punishment, as Huma would be so near yet so far away.:-)

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