Hillary Explains Why People Don’t Trust Her: Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

During a campaign appearance in Chicago, speaking to Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH coalition, Hillary Clinton vowed to regain voters’ trust after lies by right wing conspiracy has destroyed it.

Right wing



Are you buying this latest from Mrs. Clinton? From The Washington Post:

Hillary Clinton said Monday that she knows many voters have doubts and suspicions about her, something she said bothers her but which is understandable after “25 years of wild accusations” against her.

“Trust is the glue that holds our democracy together,” Clinton said, adding that she is concerned that Americans’ trust in government and institutions has declined.

“I take this seriously, as someone who is asking for your votes, and I personally know I have work to  do on this  point,” Clinton said. “A lot of people tell pollsters they don’t trust me. I don’t like hearing that, and I’ve thought a lot about  what’s behind it.”

The remarks came as Clinton used her first address to a large black audience — since becoming the Democratic presumptive presidential nominee — to renew a pledge to seek  gun control in Congress, despite a long history of inaction.

“I  don’t know about you, but I think saving our children from gun violence is a civil  rights  issue,” Clinton told a 50th anniversary gathering of the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s  Rainbow PUSH Coalition.

As she has done in the past, Clinton blamed doubts about her on what she called a long smear campaign by her adversaries.

“You know you hear 25 years worth of wild accusations, anyone could start to wonder,” Clinton said. “Political opponents and conspiracy theorists have accused me of every crime  in the book,” she said. “None of it’s true, never has been,” but it also never goes away, Clinton said.

“None of it’s true.” That would be a perfect way to describe Hillary’s many explanations for her outlaw email server. As we discussed on last Sunday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, and here yesterday,  late last Friday another Judicial Watch email revelation showed that Hillary lied when she said she had turned over all relevant emails to the State Department (and I’m not including the 30,000 she admitted deleting, using the old liberal “nothing to see here” routine, just yoga and wedding plans). One of the emails showed that he claim that she had the outlaw server for “convenience” was also not true, which hardly needed confirmation. Setting up a private server is “convenient?” Seriously? Especially for someone like Hillary Clinton who, to be charitable, does not come across as tech-savvy. It was so “convenient” that she had to hire the IT guy, Brian Pagliano, who last week took the 5th over 100 times during a deposition.

Then we have the revelations about Benghazi. Speaking of that disgusting episode, didn’t one of the emails on her server, which was unquestionably hacked, contain Ambassador Stevens’ schedule and location? Could that have anything to do with the terrorists’ ability to find him and murder him when he was NOT at an embassy, but a diplomatic compound and CIA annex?

There’s also her blatant pandering to liberal mascot groups by playing the race and gender cards, her accepting millions from repressive foreign nationals and governments for her family foundation (read money laundering scheme), and those secret Wall Street speeches. A quarter million bucks for 20 minutes? C’mon, Hillary, help me out. I like to give speeches, and I’d like to be able to have such valuable content! Where are those transcripts?

As a proud member of the vast right-wing conspiracy, perhaps I’m being unfair.Why do you think people don’t trust Hillary?


  1. Ya think that could be the reason so many tell pollsters that they don’t trust her?

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