Whose “War on Women?” Trump Ad Captures Hillary Clinton Hypocrisy in 15 Seconds

Hillary, your move.

Oh yeah, I’m SOOO sure that Hillary wants to run against Donald Trump. This ad shows why the Hillary peeps are whistling in the graveyard when they say how much they hope that they get the “opportunity” to run against Mr. Trump.

Here’s a suggestion for our journalist friends. We’ve seen Mrs. Clinton unable to answer the question “What’s the difference between a democrat and a socialist?” for good reason. Today, when the party is lead by a hard-wired Marxist, there IS NO DIFFERENCE. Let’s try another challenging question for Hillary. We’ve got two Bill’s, Clinton and Cosby. What’s the difference between the two? Perhaps your Bill never drugged his victims. Try that, Hillary, and hope that you get the Chris Matthews, kid glove treatment.

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