Hillary Gives Bitter Concession Speech, Dodges Exposure of Speech Details

Gee Hillary, I guess you should have cried. Having someone who looks like she could be the cover girl for the swimsuit issue of Aardvark Illustrated apparently didn’t play well with the young women you think owe you their votes.

The 60 and 70-something cows that form the wallpaper behind you at all your speeches, the ones who would be impressed by Madeleine Albright, are already with you. Some people still think that that you and your peeps are smart, or something.

I love the beginning where she goes full John Edwards and brings out the imaginary friends. Then ~3:10, she has the audacity to actually tell the truth; that is, that she believes an “attack” on her justifies destroying the 1st Amendment and separation of powers.

As far as creating prosperity for all of us, screw the manufacturing jobs, Lady. Why not arrange for all of us to make at least $200,000 for flapping our jaws for 15 or 20 minutes, or teach us how to do it. Now what we all suspected has been confirmed. Someone who attended one of her “rah rah” speeches said “She sounded more like a Goldman Sachs managing director.” That’s why she doesn’t want to release the transcripts. Did they really think they could keep this on the down low?

Wait, there’s more. Hillary and the State Department have ticked off U.S. District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras, an Obama appointee, by their foot-dragging on her emails.

At ~5:20, she goes into full identity politics screech, ticking off the interest groups, then explaining that her whole life has been about “doing all the good [she] can.”

The Clintons: doing well by doing good.

Hillary can barely conceal what she really thinks: I have “sacrificed” my whole life for you people. Why can’t you just give me what I deserve?

Mrs. Clinton, many of us hope that you get what you deserve very soon.


  1. Body parts do not control votes. Madeline Albright may have blown up in her face. Might explain the look.
    “I have “sacrificed” my whole life for you people. Why can’t you just give me what I deserve? ”
    What she deserves is prison for all her past sins. Benghazi only increased the body count. FOC, “Friends of Clinton” have untimely and mysterious deaths (22 cal). Vince Foster, etc.
    If her Wall Street $675 T speeches show up, she’d better run for cover.
    Time will tell. Judge Andrew(FOX) Napolitano believes she should be indicted.
    The “down low” comment reminds one of the Hillary/Huma 24/7 relationship, though not normally used for females. However…..

  2. Precisely! Thanks for your comment1

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