Video: Hillary Says ‘I’ve Been the Most Transparent Public Official in Modern Times’

Hillary obviously has much better comedy writers than Amnesty Boy aka Sen. Marco Rubio, but then the last thing she probably wants to do is make bad dick jokes.

From the Washington Free Beacon:

Hillary Clinton told CNBC’s John Harwood she’d been the “most transparent public official in modern times” during an interview in Detroit Friday.

Harwood asked Clinton if she would concede she and other State Department officials had been “sloppy” given more than 1,000 emails from the server had been deemed classified, some even top secret.

“No, no, because let’s be clear about this,” Clinton said. “There wasn’t a single one of those that was marked classified, either sent or received. That hasn’t changed … I said make them all public. I’ve been the most transparent public official in modern times as far as I know. When that process is undertaken, then other agencies get to weigh in and get to say, ‘Wait a minute, I don’t think that should come out now,’ whether or not the State Department, or if I were in some other agency, agrees.

“That is par for the course. Now whether it should be or not is a whole separate issue, but it doesn’t change in any way, nothing was marked classified, and you know, that is just a fact, and it’s, I think, one that bears repeating.”

Hillary, go to prison already!

Go to prison already.

As the article notes (read more here), Ms. Transparency refuses to release transcripts of her speeches to the Wall Street fat cats that she likes to demagogue about, and she did delete 30,000 or so emails that she said contained nothing more than wedding plans and yoga routines.

You’d have to be a yoga master extraordinaire to twist yourself into a position where any conclusion other than that Hillary belongs in the Steel Hotel makes sense.


  1. The most transparently dishonest perhaps.

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