Hillary, Your Stand Up is Even Worse Than Marco Rubio’s

Even though I saw this right after it happened this afternoon, I still can’t believe it. How is it possible that after being in politics for 200 years, Hillary still can’t tell a joke or give a decent speech?

Is it just me or is watching Hillary trying to be hip and reach out the youngsters really cringe-inducing?

What is this mess? Some sort of pathetic and lame attempt to appeal to the millennials who apparently deserting her for demented Gary Johnson or that Green Party babe?


  1. John, I think she has real emotions. It’s just that she, like all leftists, can show their real emotions, or accurately describe their real plans because that would be the end of their electoral fortunes. So, they deceive the emotionally-driven, the ignorant, and the (frankly) stupid. She is a terrible candidate for them because, unlike Obama, she doesn’t have the race shield to blunt criticism, nor his smarmy, used car salesman act.

  2. I have been reading it since last week. Very compelling, and I agree. It confirms what I’ve always thought of Hillary.

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