WATCH: Hillary Mouthpieces Try to Defend Her Blatant Lies

Silly millennial moron, Clinton campaign manager Robby “All Presidential Elections are Close” Mook appears on MS-NBC to try to defend Hillary’s bald-faced lies about what FBI Director Comey said about her outlaw email server.

Hillary lies again, and sends her apparatchiks out to clean up. These clips are from MS-NBC.

Clinton says the FBI Director said she was “truthful?” It would be hilarious if half the country weren’t considering voting for this hag.  And where did they find this clown Mook?

Later, also on the 24/7 televised nuthouse, MS-NBC, another brilliant Clinton apparatchik, National Press Secretary Brian Fallon, tried to defend the indefensible.

Once again, this guy is going with the what Hillary “believed,” and the fact that all those other people who sent and received her email never sounded any alarm. I call it the “Animal House” defense.

Clearly years of wriggling out of the consequences of their lies have taught the Clintons that the best strategy is deny, deny, deny.

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