Did Hillary Make a YUGE Mistake Campaigning with Jackass Obama?

I think Hillary may have made a big mistake campaigning with Obama. He kept saying that all the “progress” he made was on the ballot. Did that make people think “Obamacare?”

Remember this?

It’s not just Obamacare that was on the ballot, and no matter how many times this delusional Marxist jackass said it was great, that only a few people’s premiums had gone up, and that it was like a defective cell phone (how stupid was that?), only the audiences of backward children, most of whom are still on their parents’ health insurance policies, believed that nonsense. Those of us who are actually paying for things knew better, and seeing him say these ridiculous things just reminded us of how many times he had lied to ram this hideous scheme down our throats.

I never thought I’d say this about such a money-grubbing, lying evil human being like Hillary Clinton, but I almost feel sorry for her. I say “almost” because of who and what she is and all the breathtakingly horrible things she has done that have hurt so many people, and also because what happened to her is all her own fault. Everything she has done has been for her own enrichment, but I think she has believed her whole life that she would be the first woman president. I can’t wait to read all the stories about how men–Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, even Carlos Danger–ruined everything for her, but in the end, she needs to put on her big girl pantsuit and accept that it was all her own fault.


  1. I think that Hillary and Obama grossly underestimated just how despised both of them are by ordinary hard working Americans.

    • Robert, I agree with that, and I also know that Americans who love our country were heartsick over what Obama has done with his lawless “remaking.” This was the 2010 election writ large, with the American people showing up to say “Enough.”

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