Hillary, Not Content to Have One Sexual Harasser Campaign for Her, Brings on Gorebot

Remember this incident from 2010? What with all the talk about the evil sexual harasser that is the GOP nominee I thought that this incident might be worth mentioning.

You know, the whole crazed sex poodle thing with the terrified hotel masseuse.


From The Telegraph UK:

The unidentified 54-year-old woman gave police a detailed account of her claims that Mr Gore groped and kissed her in an aggressive attempt to have sex during a night-time appointment in his suite.

However, the police concluded that there was insufficient evidence to press charges.

The woman, who recalled telling Mr Gore he was behaving like a “crazed sex poodle”, claims he pinned her to his bed and forcibly French kissed her.

Mr Gore, 62, was staying in an expensive hotel in Portland in October while delivering a speech about climate change in October of that year had registered as “Mr Stone”.

He allegedly asked the hotel to call the massage therapist to his suite, complaining to her during the $540 (£360) session about the physical rigours of his heavy travel schedule.

The accuser, after contacting police in late 2006, subsequently cancelled three interviews with detectives and said she did not want the investigation to proceed.

However, she contacted them again in January 2009 and gave a detailed statement.

A spokesman for Mr Gore, who announced his separation from his wife, Tipper, on June 1, said he had no comment.

In her statement, made public by police, the masseuse said she arrived at the St Lucia Hotel’s VIP suite to find Mr Gore drinking beer.

He greeted her with a hug and told her to call him “Al”, she told police.

However, the nearly three-hour therapy session soon went sour after Mr Gore angrily insisted she massage him around his groin and then pounced on her, she claimed.

“He pleaded, groped me, grabbed me, engulfed me in embrace, tongue kissed me, massaged me, grabbed my breasts,” she told detectives.

Whoa! Sounds like the Gorebot was trying to get some warming going on south of the Equator, doesn’t it?

One thing I wondered while watching him today, blathering on about “climate change” and blaming the severity of Hurricane Matthew on the warming of the ocean, and predicting the rise of the oceans, wasn’t the One supposed to have fixed that? Remember?


  1. Yeah, the crazed sex poodle didn’t get his chakra released, or whatever the hell he was talking about.

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