Hillary Says Trump Supporters Need an “Intervention”

Intervention? Because if you disagree with liberals, you must have some sort of mental illness. That is the sub text of the invention of words that end in “phobia,” as in “homophobia,” or “Islamophobia.” No, people like me who oppose so-called “same sex marriage” are not irrationally afraid of homosexual behavior.

No, Hillary, we don’t need an intervention. It’s liberalism, to quote Dr. Savage, this is a mental disorder.

While we may believe that consenting adults should engage in whatever legal behavior they want in the privacy of their own homes, we believe that the best social policy is to encourage children to be raised by a married mother and father.

Like nearly everything liberals do, this tactic is a way to shut down an discussion of their plans and ideas before it starts. They know those things can’t stand the least bit of scrutiny, so they insist on slogans, and everyone pretending that their intentions should make everyone blind to the actual results of their policies.

As for this hideously, evil corrupt woman, only those motivated by the class envy that the Left relies on to remain in power, the hopelessly ignorant, or people who believe she will give them free stuff could vote for her at gunpoint.



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