Hillary Says Trump Unfit to Have Nuke Codes That Bill Lost

Hillary says Donald shouldn’t have nuke codes because he doesn’t have the appropriate temperament that her husband lost.


Today, Hillary Clinton, perhaps doing performance art or standup comedy, read a stilted foreign policy speech, in which she said:

As a candidate for President, there’s nothing I take more seriously than our national security. I’ve offered clear strategies for how to defeat ISIS, strengthen our alliances, and make sure Iran never gets a nuclear weapon. And I’m going to keep America’s security at the heart of my campaign.

No really. She did say these things. Strategies for defeating ISIS? She led the charge to depose Gaddafi, which made Libya a terrorist haven where 4 brave Americans were murdered on her watch. She and Obama have facilitated Iran’s becoming a nuclear power, deliberately. As far as taking our national security seriously, she wants to out-Obama on open borders and admitting unvetted Syrian Muslims into the country, no questions asks, all to create more favorable demographics for democrats. Who does this woman think she’s kidding? Does she think no one remembers that her husband actually lost his personal ID for the codes?

From The Atlantic:

Former President Clinton’s office declined to comment today on reports that he managed to lose the personal identification code needed to confirm nuclear launches and never told anyone about it.

Gen. Hugh Shelton, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the last few years of Clinton’s term, writes about the episode in his new autobiography. Shelton is especially sensitive to the proper authentication procedures, having served as deputy commander of the National Military Command Center (NMCC), through which all nuclear launch progression action chains are processed. The National Command Authority (NCA), as the process and the person of the commander in chief is called, passes from the President to the Vice President to the Secretary of Defense. (In the absence of the SecDef, the Deputy Secretary of Defense can stand in.)
In effect, without Clinton’s “biscuit,” as the personal identifier is called, the President would not have been able to initiate a launch order or confirm a launch order executed by someone else. The football itself, which contains code authenticators, a transceiver, targeting menus, and continuity of government options, was always with the military aide.

The article goes on to explain that a president’s “misplacing” these codes is a YUGE deal because in the event of a nuclear attack, seconds count. Gee, what could Bill have been doing that made him lose that “biscuit?” Why do I picture a series of frantic phone calls to a variety of venues, asking if it’s in the bathroom or under the bed?
It’s ironic that the woman who has contributed so much to making the world much less safe on her own, and whose own husband demonstrated that he was not fit to have these codes, is self-righteously condemning anyone’s fitness for office.
She CANNOT be serious.


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