It’s Back: Hillary Screeches That She is Sick and Tired!!

Remember the patented Hillary screech? It’s BAAACK. It made its reappearance yesterday in Florida. YIKES!

Hillary, it’s hard to imagine how this sort of shrill hectoring will encourage people to come out and vote for you Perhaps she’s still trying to figure out why she isn’t 50 points ahead. MMM… That’s a real head scratcher, isn’t it?

She is the most corrupt politician ever to run for president, and her Clinton cartel scandal makes Watergate look like a children’s party, a congenital liar who is UNDER FEDERAL INVESTIGATION! She endangered our national security to cover up her shake downs of foreign governments for her own personal enrichment, and she lied to the families of murdered heroes right in front of their coffins to try to cover up her incompetence.

Better question: why aren’t you 50 points BEHIND?


  1. She is sick, and were tired

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