Hillary Still Thinks It Should Be Illegal To Criticize Her: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 5-1-2016

The Teri O'Brien Show

The Teri O’Brien Show

Hillary and Citizens United: It’s not about “money.” It’s about making it illegal to criticize her

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This is how the audience at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner looked a lot of the time during Larry Wilmore’s monologue.

(starting at about 2:20)

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Never Doubt Me: Obama Economy
  • Law Day-Citizens United & Hillary Still Wants to Make it Illegal to Criticize Her
  • White House correspondence dinner report
  • This Week’s Edition of Remaking America
  • 2nd Amendment Update-80 year old woman kills dirtbag intruder 


Links from this Episode of the Show

Hillary Still Wants It To Be Illegal to Criticize Her (and is still a congential liar)

Now Even 60 Minutes Misstating Supreme Court’s Citizens United Ruling | LawNewz

Hillary Clinton Agrees with the Citizens United Decision

Not May Day, Law Day

President Eisenhower proclaims Law Day – May 01, 1958 – HISTORY.com (Shows how far our country has fallen in 60 years. In 1958 we actually pushed back against communism. Today we not only have an avowed socialist openly and successfully contending for president. We’ve had a Marxist who is not Article II eligible squatting in the White House for 8 years.)

Election 2016

Kasich: Homosexuals Are ‘Probably’ Born Gay, Shouldn’t Be Discriminated Against – ABC News

Carly Fiorina Says She Would Be ‘Fine’ With Muslim President – Fortune (I didn’t get to this story on the show, but I did mention it. Should someone ask Sen. Cruz about this interview?)

John Kasich Remains in Presidential Race After Asking ‘Should I Keep Going?’ – ABC News (The answer, Governor, is no.)

Trump backers yell foul over loss at Arizona GOP convention

IS TED CRUZ SUFFERING From Harvard Disease? ⋆ Doug Giles ⋆ #ClashDaily (My piece, which I referred to on the show)

Remaking America File

Man living in Platte County and allegedly linked to terror groups pleads guilty to two felonies, faces deportation | fox4kc.com (As I always tell you, read to the very end of the story, where we learn that he MAY face deportation. On the other hand…)

Renowned Cuban-American activist facing deportation after 49 years in exile | Fox News Latino (The Obama Regime definitely wants to deport this guy because he’s a thorn in the side of the Castros.)

LGBT Chamber president steps down after criticism of his sex-offender status | The Charlotte Observer

Fired Muslim workers claim discrimination at plant in Owatonna – StarTribune.com

Beaufort parent says teacher told son ‘go back’ to Africa | The Island Packet (What is “discriminative,” by the way?)

2nd Amendment Update

75-year-old victim of Sultan home invasion tells what happened before 80-year-old wife killed intruder | Q13 FOX News (If this dirtbag intruder were still alive, I would tell him that he should never bring a knife to a gun fight.)

Obama Economy

Barack Obama’s Sad Record on Economic Growth | RealClearMarkets (The Obama economy really is worse than you think.)

What Obama Really Thinks About His Economic Legacy – NYTimes.com (But the One is living in his own fantasy world, where the economy is terrific. The problem is just that he hasn’t explained it well enough.Warning: this pathetic empty suit and failure actually criticizes one of America’s greatest presidents, Ronald Reagan.)

President Obama Weighs His Economic Legacy – NYTimes.com

White House Correspondents’ Dinner

President Obamas Complete Remarks 2016 WHCA | User Clip | C-SPAN.org

Larry Wilmore complete remarks 2016 WHCA Dinner | User Clip | C-SPAN.org


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