Hillary’s New Year’s Eve Document Dump Reveals More Classified Emails

Hillary’s New Year’s Eve Document Dump: What was in there?

Hillary's New Year's Eve Document Dump


Hillary’s New Year’s Eve email dump contained some interesting tidbits.

As we reported yesterday, the State Department released approximately 5500 pages of email from Hillary Clinton’s private server on New Year’s Eve, a number that falls short of what they were ordered by U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras to release by the end of January. It must be nice to be a Clinton and be able to flout a judge’s order with no consequences. Suggestion: Kids, don’t try this at home!

So what was in this latest dump? From The Washington Examiner:

Concealing Her Continuing Relationship with Sid “Sid Vicious” Blumenthal

Like most previous batches of Clinton emails, the records detailed the former secretary of state’s close relationship with Sidney Blumenthal, a divisive former aide and informal advisor while she worked at the State Department.

But the new emails also show the extent to which Clinton attempted to conceal her personal relationship to Blumenthal.

For example, after Blumenthal emailed her a Foreign Policy story in March 2010 about Gen. David Petraeus and prefaced the article with a personal note, Clinton asked an aide to print five copies of the email “but w/o heading from Sid.”

Recall that Sid Blumenthal was one of the most powerful people in the Clinton White House, having been a legendary suck-up for Candidate Clinton in 1992. After Bill’s disgusting relationship with Monica Lewinsky became public, Sid went into action, telling everyone he could that she was a deranged stalker. During the 2008 campaign, he tried to interest reporters in Obama’s connection to card-carrying communist Frank Marshall Davis. (He should have known that they wouldn’t care about that.) So, Sid was despised by the Obama White House, so much so that Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel told Hillary that she couldn’t hire him at the State Department. She kept him as an informal adviser.

Fun Fact: Sid got out of a drunk driving charge when the arresting officer got sent to Iraq. He pled guilty to a lesser charge. So, Hillary’s vote in favor of the Iraq war wasn’t all bad, right, Liberals?

Her Continuing Interest in the Political Fortunes of Her Pal Rahm Emanuel

“[P]ls keep me updated on all the Mayoral gossip. I can’t tell yet whether Rahm will actually decide to run. So it will be a wild ride the next few months,” Clinton wrote to longtime friend Betsy Ebeling in Sept. 2010.

Clinton had reached out to him while he was on vacation in Aug. 2010, just before he resigned to run for mayor of Chicago, and offered to clear her schedule if he was free for a call.

Previous email releases indicated Clinton maintained her friendship with Emanuel long after he left the White House. She has refused to join in the chorus of Democrats calling for his resignation in the wake of a Chicago police shooting scandal.

The involvement of State Department Officials with an Event for The Clinton Foundation

Another email indicated State Department staff members were heavily involved in a 2011 Clinton Global Initiative event. The message, written in Sept. 2011 and forwarded to Clinton’s personal email address, showed 10 top State Department officials were planning to participate in the event in some capacity.

One event was a dinner co-sponsored by Goldman Sachs.

Approximately 275 of the emails in this dump were designated classified at the time of their release.

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