His Highness Has Spoken: DOMA “Unconstitutional”

The list of things that Barack Obama will not defend includes the voting rights of Americans of inadequate skin pigmentation, the right of unborn children to survive, and our nations’s southern border. We can now add traditional marriage and federalism.

After two years of defending the law, it dawned on his Royal Highness that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), duly enacted by Congress and signed by our last democrat, not to mention the first black, president, Bill Clinton, is unconstitutional. Shazam! Apparently this statute is so arcane that it took even a “former Constitutional law professor” this long to discover this stunning information. I guess affirmative action and resume inflation are more dangerous that we realized.

DOMA simply affirms over two hundred years of American law. Family law is and has always been state law, and that includes the definition of “marriage.”

Back in the good old days when the highest law enforcement officer in the land made a mockery of his oath of office by lying under oath about his dalliance with the chubby intern he liked to keep under his desk, his apologists tried to dismiss a blatant affront to the rule of law as being just about “sex.”

As befitting a man-god, B. Hussein has offered little explanation for his decision to give the finger to the law. We can only speculate that it is a sop to his left-wing base, permanently enraged about something, especially his failure to enact their wish list fast enough, or an attempt to distract the rest of us from his embarrassing failure of leadership as the Middle East explodes. I know how unfair it is to mention that, given the demands of his community organizing in the Midwest. Priorities are priorities after all. Public employee unions are critical to the One’s re-election, and if democrats have to steal our money to make that happen, that’s all that matters.

At least when Bill Clinton got caught with his pants around his ankles, the rest of us weren’t the suckers.

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