Ho-hum: Another Day, Another Shooting in Chicago

Parents often tell their children that if they want to avoid trouble, get home before midnight because nothing good happens after that hour. Except in Chicago, where cops can shot at 4:15 pm in the afternoon. Because, guns, or something.


From The Chicago Tribune:

Chicago police officer was shot in the shoulder as he and his partner chased three suspects down a street in the Little Village neighborhood Monday afternoon, authorities said.

The Ogden District officer, a nine-year veteran, was wounded around 4:15 p.m. in the 2300 block of South Trumbull Avenue, police said. The bullet went through his shoulder, according to a source. He was expected to be released Monday night from Stroger Hospital, according to Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

The officers had spotted three people on the street who looked suspicious, one of them possibly with a gun, and tried to stop them, Johnson said.  The three took off running as the officers got out of their squad car, he said.

Speaking outside the hospital, Johnson said details on how the officer was shot were under investigation.

I’m not sure how the officer was shot, but I know why: decades of liberal democrat policies, which the current administration, led by Rahm “Tiny Dancer” Emanuel, former Obama chief of staff, continues.

More on the how the democrats have “remade” Chicago from a great city to a violent hellhole here, in another Tribune article “2 dead and 13 wounded, including Chicago cop, in city shootings.”

Way to go, democrats!


  1. It’s bizarre and disgusting to me that people are so accepting of the carnage in the formerly great city of Chicago. Thanks, Kevin, for your comment.

  2. Things are ok with my family and me, fortunately. I hope that you can say the same.

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