Holder on the Hot Seat, Obama Dazed, Confused and Busted on National Security Leaks Show Notes: The Teri O’Brien Show, 6/10/12

On this morning’s “State of the Union” on CNN, anchor Candy Crowley, CNN’s Dana Bash and Michael Shear of the Liberal Death Star (the New York Times for newbies), expressed surprised that Sen. John McCain was unwilling to forcefully assert that Barack Obama could not possibly have been involved in the recent series of dangerous national security leaks that have members of Congress outraged. There are at least three reasons that it’s not outside the realm of possibility that the One at a minimum was not upset by these disgusting leaks, including his nondenial denial during last Friday’s pointless presser. Do we trust Eric Holder to investigate this issue? Which was a bigger threat to our national security, these leaks or the supposed revelations about Joe Wilson and his desk jockey wife Valerie Plame?

Holder Directs U.S. Attorneys to Track Down Paths of Leaks – NYTimes.com

Candy also tried to get sleazy Obama apparatchik David Axelrod to answer a simple yes or no question: does he agree with his boss that “the private sector is doing fine?” As you suspect, she failed.

SL Mensa weighed in about the al Qaeda leader’s offer of camels and chickens for “idiot Obama” and “old woman Hillary Clinton,” and wondered what Mrs. Clinton would do with “ten cocks.” Rimshot, please.

CPAC straw poll chooses Marco Rubio as GOP VP nominee, but is he eligible? Is he an Article II “natural born citizen?” I think not, but I know that my opinion is a minority one.

Both Obama and Axelrod wring their hands over the loss of teacher jobs, as if they really care about the teachers and their families, when the fact is that the only thing they care about is the money from the teachers’ union dues that eventually end up in the democrats’ campaign coffers. SL Ron from St. Charles agrees.

Another Friday night document dump, this time revealing that, for all the talk about transparency and the demonization of lobbyists, Obama and his minions were making backroom deals with big Pharma to pass his takeover of the health care system.

First time listener and caller Ken from Texas suggests that Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) might be Romney’s choice for VP. Teri is skeptical, but appreciates the call.

The Critiquelator on fire about Obama’s ill-advised, cringe-inducing oral sex joke before an audience of militant gay activists, a subject of a blog post at teriobrien.com earlier this week. Did his staff and his TelePrompTer blindside him?

Obama’s Joke Part of a Larger Strategy – Yahoo! News

2nd Amendment Update: Featuring Attorney General Eric Holder

Confronted by members of Congress with written evidence that senior members of his Justice Department knew about the deadly and disgraceful Operation Fast and Furious, Eric Holder at first disputes what’s in black and white, then claims “superior knowledge.” Query: why does a public official who is telling the truth need help with “messaging” from the White House? Who is lying: Axelrod who claims to have been “scrupulous” about avoiding politicizing the Department of Justice, or Eric Holder, who admits that he help from the White House about “messaging” regarding Fast and Furious? MMM … if you’re telling the truth, why do you need help with “messaging?” Is Eric Holder really a victim, as he suggested during questioning from Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC)?

Holder admits Axelrod, White House helped Justice Dept craft Fast and Furious public relations strategy – Yahoo! News

From Nicolas Kristof in the Liberal Death Star:

Obama was forceful in demanding that President George W. Bush stand up to Sudan during the slaughter in Darfur, so it’s painful to see him so passive on Sudan today. When governments turn to mass murder, we may have no easy solutions, but we should at least be crystal clear about which side we’re on. That’s not too much to expect of a Nobel Peace Prize winner.


Maybe not from someone who actually earned the silly Nobel Peace Prize, Mr. Kristof, but we’re talking about an affirmative-action assisted empty suit celebutard, remember?



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