Hollywood Airheads (and Other Lo-Fo’s) Register for Ultra Conservative Party

Cue the Sad Trombone! Attention, Hollywood airheads. Perhaps you should get the same person who reads the scripts to you to read your voter registration forms and explain them before your sign them.

From the Los Angeles Times:

With nearly half a million registered members, the American Independent Party is bigger than all of California’s other minor parties combined. The ultraconservative party’s platform opposes abortion rights and same sex marriage, and calls for building a fence along the entire United States border.

Based in the Solano County home of one of its leaders, the AIP bills itself as “The Fastest Growing Political Party in California.”

But a Times investigation has found that a majority of its members have registered with the party in error. Nearly three in four people did not realize they had joined the party, a survey of registered AIP voters conducted for The Times found.

That mistake could prevent people from casting votes in the June 7 presidential primary, California’s most competitive in decades.

Voters from all walks of life were confused by the use of the word “independent” in the party’s name, according to The Times analysis.

Residents of rural and urban communities, students and business owners and top Hollywood celebrities with known Democratic leanings — including Sugar Ray Leonard, Demi Moore and Emma Stone — were among those who believed they were declaring that they preferred no party affiliation when they checked the box for the American Independent Party.

“I just blew it,” said Deborah Silva, 64, of Point Arena in Mendocino County. “There were a number of choices. I just checked the box that said ‘independent.’”

It gets better. How did the American Independent Party get started? From the LA Times article:

The American Independent Party’s roots date back to 1967 when George Wallace, a segregationist, launched his ​second​ run for the White House. Wallace, ​who had run as a Democrat in 1964, helped create the new party and ran on its ticket.​ Today, that party exists only in California.

“We’re not segregationist anymore,” said Markham Robinson, who serves as chairman of the American Independent Party’s executive committee. “What we are now is a conservative, constitutionalist party.”

Ironically, of course, a lot of the Hollywood goofballs and others with liberal leanings are probably horrified by the origins of this party, when in fact its the democrat party whose legacy is slavery, secession, segregation, Jim Crow and the Ku Klux Klan.

The paper also notes that among the accidental members of the AIP are Patrick Schwarzenegger,  Kaley Cuoco, and two staffers of the Los Angeles Times.

Let me say it again: Idiocracy is here.


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