How Does Obama Flout the Constitution? Let’s Count the Ways! The Teri O’Brien Show, 9/18/11

On this Constitution Day weekend, we’ll explore, and count, the many ways that the current occupant of the Oval Office has flouted his oath of office. The most glaring example is his signature “accomplishment,” which he and his supporters hope you’ll forget about until it’s too late, Obamacare. What’s your favorite example of Barack Obama as the Shredder-in-Chief when it comes to our precious constitutional legacy?
Obama’s gansta government, reeking of the stench familiar to residents of Cook County as “the Chicago Way,” featuring generous gifts of taxpayer dollars to political cronies, special treatment for the well-connected and government funding for left-wing interest groups, has been on prominent display this week. With the exception of the 24/7 televised insane asylum commonly known as MS-NBC, even usually friendly media outlets haven’t been able to avoid reporting on what is starting to be called “Solargate,” the Solyndra scandal, in which a cool half billion of your dough went to fund a company making solar panels that no one wanted to buy. Those funds came from the infamous February 2009 “stimulus” bill. Now, as the FBI investigates where that cash ended up, the administration is pitching Son of Stimulus, approximately $500 billion to be confiscated from productive citizens and no doubt destined to end up in the pockets of other donors to democrat campaigns. Mr. President, you were correct, Sir. “Shovel ready” was not, and is not, as “shovel ready” as you told us, but your tired line of B.S. certainly is.
The administration’s boneheaded plan to undermine our 2nd amendment rights ultimately resulted in the death of at least one American law enforcement official and who knows how many innocent civilians. But was there a deeper, and more sinister, political motivation behind Operation Gun Runner? It’s hardly a stretch. We’ll unpack this latest theory for what was behind this disgusting situation, that is blowing up in Eric Holder’s face.
Finally, the late Henry Hyde ensured, through the amendment that bears his name, that it’s illegal for federal funds to pay for abortion. That’s what you think. The One and his Nurse Ratchet, Sec. of Heath and Human Services, say otherwise, and so you will pay Planned Parenthood whether you like it or not.  Tune in Sunday for the rest of the story.


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