How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Fiscal Cliff: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

While Barack Obama continues to campaign, Michelle prepares for the next in what has been a never-ending series of taxpayer-funded luxury vacations for our Royal Family, some people wonder whether the One realizes that he won last month’s presidential election. If so, why is he flying around the country making speeches rather than staying in Washington and showing leadership to avoid the “fiscal cliff?” Oh, he realizes it. This current campaign is not about winning an election. It’s about continuing the deception, class warfare and character assassination that he used so effectively in the presidential election. That worked to get the victory. Now he and his minions are on a mission to perpetuate the myth that he received a mandate to for income redistribution and trampling the rule of law. Like all socialist dictators, he has to continue speechifying, promising the heaven on earth that will arrive for his followers if only they continue to support keeping him in power and making sure that he gets everything he wants. Castro does the same thing, or at least he used to until he deteriorated physically to the point where servants have to carry him around in a bucket. As we approach the “fiscal cliff,” which has become one of those annoying Lame Stream Media buzz phrases, he realizes that the Jurassic media, who many analysts credit with giving democrats an 8-10 point electoral advantage, will blame the Republicans no matter what happens. It is incumbent on the GOP to realize that fact as well, and to make Barack Obama own this economy and the policies that created it. He’s the guy who will shoot the hostages, and he, not those trying to stop him, is responsible for the consequences, no matter how much the LSM runs cover for him. The Republicans need to walk away from these laughable “negotiations” and spend the next month educating the American people about the con that’s being run on them.

I don’t fear the fiscal cliff. In fact, I am looking forward to going over it. I say we hold hands like Thelma and Louise and let Barry drive us right over. Otherwise, the GOP will be effectively destroyed. If the Republicans fall into his trap, Barack Obama will succeed in his number one objective, one that has been his M.O. since he cut his political teeth in the stinking slough of political corruption, cronyism and race-baiting, Chicago; that is, eliminating all opposition so that he can achieve his goals. That’s the way he made it into the U.S. Senate, and that’s how he hopes to achieve his dream of absolute power to “remake” America into a socialist state.

Dan Greenfield, publisher of the terrific blog Sultan Knish, will join us to discuss the most recent U.N. victory for enemies of Israel and the United States, and to tell us whether the really thinks the 2012 presidential election was rigged.

Many learned analysts credit minority voters for the Barack Obama’s victory. Did the Romney campaign drop the ball? Did the infamous “caught on tape” remark Mitt Romney made about the “47%” resonate more with these voters? Did the GOP have any chance to win minority voters with different messaging? Our guest, Shirley Husar, columnist for the Washington Times Communities, and author of the recent column, “Republicans: An Old, White Breed of Dying Voter?”  will debate the Critiquelator.


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