How Stupid is Obama?

Sent to me by one of my SL’s (Smart Listeners). I dispute that he has “an excellent chance” of being re-elected. Let me say it again: he’s a dead man walking.


  1. hey.hey bitch.stfu.hes @!#$ing awesome compared to mitt fucking asshole.

  2. you need to learn to WATCH WHAT YOU SAY FUCKFACE

    • I wonder if all Obama supporters are as articulate as you. I’m amazed that you had time to craft that thoughtful comment with all the work you must be doing writing for scholarly journals.

  3. Wow. Got linked to this page by some Russian fascists!

    What a crazy image! Very little basis in fact and seems to contain birther rhetoric.

  4. Yeah…as opposed to a president that took a record budget surplus and spent it into a record deficit…Got us into TWO wars that added to that deficit…gutted the Constitution with the Patriot Act…etc…etc…etc…
    Obama’s not the answer, but he sure as hell beats his predecessor.

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