Howard Dean, Four Years Late, Should Apologize to Sarah Palin.

Oh wait. He didn’t say that the Independent Payment Advisory Board is a “death panel.” In his op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, he said it is “a health-care rationing body.” From the WSJ op-ed:

One major problem is the so-called Independent Payment Advisory Board. The IPAB is essentially a health-care rationing body. By setting doctor reimbursement rates for Medicare and determining which procedures and drugs will be covered and at what price, the IPAB will be able to stop certain treatments its members do not favor by simply setting rates to levels where no doctor or hospital will perform them.

Stop certain treatments? And if you can’t get those treatments because of some arbitrary decision by this unaccountable group of bureaucrats, you might die. Can you say “death panel?”


  1. Wrong. When an insurance company denies you coverage, because of a cap or otherwise, you have recourse to your state insurance commission. When the federal government is in charge, no recourse to any higher authority. It’s been happening in the UK for years.

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