Huma-nizing Weiner (Also not a Natural Born Citizen)


I don’t disagree with my friend Thomas Lifson, publisher of The American Thinker, about Huma Abedin’s performance yesterday, after the cringe-inducing revelations about her husband Anthony Weiner aka “Carlos Danger,” at least not about the positive PR she gained by standing by her man, and speaking up Hillary-style (Seriously.) Thomas wrote:

Money can’t buy the kind of political boost Huma Abedin is receiving. Like her mentor Hillary Clinton, the stand-by-your-man strategy will be her gateway to widespread popularity and respect.Don’t feel sorry for the Democrats over losing a former rising star politician like Anthony Weiner, whose future is so hopeless that even the New York Times says it’s time to go. They have gained an even more promising candidate for high office. Huma Abedin is better-looking, better spoken, and more appealing than her role model. Yesterday’s performance (“whole lotta therapy”) was superb, establishing Ms. Abedin as dignified, strong, and starting to look as American as apple pie.

It’s great to be a liberal woman, and not only get a pass for enabling your sociopathic, sexual reprobate husband in treating other women like disposable toys, but getting praise for your “dignity,” and automatically being vaulted into the lead for high office.

Thomas is also right about her ability to do some serious fund raising, although one has to wonder how revelations about her family’s Muslim Brotherhood ties might cut into contributions from the Jewish community.

Here’s where I disagree with Thomas. Huma’s parents weren’t American citizens at the time of her birth, and therefore, like Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindahl, and, yes, Barack Obama, she is not an Article II “natural born citizen.”

Although raised in Saudi Arabia, Ms. Abedin was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, a natural born American.

In any case, it’s hilarious to watch New York liberals scrambling to pretend that they are offended by Weiner’s behavior, including the Liberal Death Star aka the New York Times, now whining that he should withdraw from the race. It was just last year that they wrote a slobbering profile of Huma and Anthony, all about how repetent the former congressman is, and how he and Huma repaired their marriage.

Some things never change.

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