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For the past three days, we have been subjected to the predictably lame, bed-wetter coverage of the death of former South African president Nelson Mandela. It has been simplistic, celebrity-obsessed, superficial, agenda-driven, and of course, all about Barack Obama. Isn’t everything? Still, there is actual news that you need to know, including about Nelson Mandela, that you aren’t hearing from the legacy media. For example,

  • Seven quotes from Nelson Mandela You Won’t Hear in the Worshipful Coverage from the Lame Stream Media
  • The Real Economic Inequality That Barack Obama Didn’t Mention, But Thoroughly Embraces
  • Sec. of Health and Human Services Kathleen “Nurse Ratched” Sebelius’ War on Bone Marrow Donors
  • The Department of Homeland Security’s Attorney Hiring Blitz: What Do They All Have in Common


Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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  1. I LOVE that comment! Thanks so much for checking in!

  2. And Jeff, do I have an article to counter the corporate fascist media from The New American from last July which gives…THE TRUTH!


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