I Hate to Say We Told You So, But We Told You So. Obama Approval Plummets in Ohio

From CBS Cleveland:

A poll finds that President Barack Obama’s job approval ratings are skidding among voters in Ohio, the swing state he carried twice.

The poll released Wednesday by Quinnipiac University indicates that 57 percent of voters disapproved of the way Obama is doing things as president, his lowest grade ever in Ohio.
The poll finds 40 percent approve of Obama’s job performance, with independent voters moving away from the president.

Gee, what happened? And this poll was taken even before yesterday’s announcement of Obama’s “war on coal” (war on jobs, actually), which should only be a surprise to the low-information cohort because he told us his plans to bankrupt the coal industry before he was elected in 2008.

Of course, the Obama campaign knew that their secret to victory was to encourage that very group, the most uninformed people in the country, to go out and vote for someone without the slightest clue about his radical ideology or his plans. In Ohio, that translated into lots of campaign ads on daytime tv, on shows like “Judge Judy.” Nothing against the honorable tv jurist, but I think we can all agree that her audience would not be the first group we’d look to to find people who know a lot about politics or public policy. Let’s be honest. Most of these people couldn’t name their congressmen, or even 1 member of the Supreme Court, at gunpoint.

Now, we’re all stuck with the choice these ignoramuses made. They have buyer’s remorse. We have a country in the process of being destroyed. Thanks a lot!


  1. Moron obomba voters — obamacare is NOT FREE! $4,000 a year for young Black males who worship the NBA and NFL!

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