I Know Where You Can Get a Nice Used Pink Knit P**sy Hat


I hope you guys didn’t pay top dollar for these!

Gee, you mean most people don’t want to put something on their heads that tells people from miles awauy that they are just plain nuts?

And actually, a lot of these sellers are hawking brand new “Pretty in Pink” (yeah right) caps.

From Heat Street:

An unscientific, several-day-long Heat Street study of eBay, Etsy and other Internet sale sites where the Pussy Hat trade once rivaled the gross domestic product if a small nation, shows sales have slowed to a trickle, with desperate knitters looking to offload their wares at deep discounts.

The “Buy it Now” range for new Pussy Hats is between $7.00 and $20.00, but even at the low end, the hats simply aren’t selling. As each auction Heat Street watched ended, the same Pussy Hats were often re-listed, at discounts of $2 or more. One retailer is so desperate, she’s knocked 40% off her listings, but the hats aren’t selling at $10, let alone $14.

Of 617 individual listings for Pussy Hats, only a handful had bids, and all of those had starting prices of $.99, with bids struggling to reach $5. Two of those auctions appeared to have the exact same bidder.

So much for my plans to make a fortune manufacturing these things in China and marketing them to women with psych med scripts. Oh, you say I don’t have access to that information? I was going to enlist Susan Rice as my partner.

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