I Think I Understand Why St. Wendy Had a Makeover

Back in the day, last weekend’s left-wing rising star, who owes the hyperbolic praise of a slobbering Lame Stream Media to her 11-hour grandstanding filibuster designed to temporarily thwart the will of the majority of citizens in Texas, democrat state senator Wendy Davis was screaming for a makeover. Here’s her Harvard law photo from 1991:


And here’s how she looks today:130628_wendy_davis2_ap_328

So? It didn’t matter at all to me, and I didn’t even think about it, until I started getting some pushback on this post about St. Wendy, and the bizarre, and somewhat ironic, obsession that feminists have with abortion. They hate men, so why do they care?

Wendy is a politician, and she understands that, fair or not, for a female candidate, looks matter more than they do for male candidates. So, she’s smart, and she figured out what she needed to do to get what she wanted; bleach her hair, get a flat iron, even possibly get some implants, if the photos are accurate. Good for her.

That doesn’t change a thing I said about feminists and abortions here.

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