I Would Have Thought Chris Matthews Would Have Bid on Them

From boston.com:

A Connecticut auction house says the love letters and other pre-war writings of Adolf Hitler propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels (GUR’-buhls) have failed to sell.

Alexander Historical Auctions says it offered the letters, school papers and dramatic works of Goebbels on Thursday. The collection spans the period from Goebbels’ childhood to shortly before he joined the Nazi party in 1924. Auction officials had hoped it would sell for more than $200,000.

As you well know, Goebbels was a master of propaganda, otherwise known as MS-NBC’s programming model, so you’d think that Chris “Tingles” Matthews would regard these papers the way you’d regard having your own original copy of the U.S. Constitution. What’s a couple hundred large for a guy who makes $5 million a year?

I always remind you to read to the end of these stories, and in this case, if you follow my advice, you’ll be rewarded with this little nugget:

The thousands of pages include Goebbels’ college dissertation, report cards, poems, school essays and letters from relatives, friends and girlfriends.


 I hope that we aren’t going to have to wait for 67 years to see Barack Obama’s college records!


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