ICYMI: DHS Employee’s Kill Whitey Video, Obama-Personal Jesus, Debunking Obamacare Defunding Myths and More-Videos of the Day

DHS Employee’s “Kill Whitey” Video

This video is from the DHS employee on leave for his “Kill Whitey” website. I couldn’t figure out why that would be a problem for the Obama administration, but then I watched this video.

Barack Obama: Personal Jesus

Great slideshow of images of brain dead moronic Obama worshippers, including the Oprah. with the perfect soundtrack.

Debunking the Defunding Obamacare Myths

Two minutes of awesome common sense from the Hertiage Foundation. Let’s get behind the effort to rescue our country from this hideous scheme that was shoved down our throats.

Police Nationwide Say “You’re on Your Own”

Project Veritas asked police departments all over the country what they are supposed to do in that time between when they call the police because someone is breaking into their homes and when the police actually arrive. They got some great, as in disturbing, responses. When seconds count, the police arrive in minutes

Two Days After Benghazi Screamed at Congressman for Calling it Terrorism

From Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL)-Lying liar who lies Hillary Clinton was still trying to peddle that “the YouTube video caused it” BS, even though she knew it was a well-planned terrorist attack by an al Qaeda affiliate. Of course, maybe she figured what difference did it make?


  1. obama’s white meat comes home to roast

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