ICYMI: Happy Friday! Thanks for Not “Embracing the Suck,” Wonderful Reader/Listener!

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Happy Friday the 13th! I hope that you had a terrific day!

As you well know, listeners to The Teri O’Brien Show and readers of this blog are members of a well-informed, cutting edge, ahead of the curve community who know that staying that way requires a pro-active approach to news and information. You don’t sit around and swallow whatever lame, superficial pap that traditional media outlets serve up. Screw that! You don’t embrace the suck, as former Speaker Nancy Pelosi said. You listen to what you want to listen to, when you want. So thanks again for being part of our loyal community of listeners and readers.

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The Lives of Others trailer – YouTube 

Active bodies think more deeply – YouTube

Al Sharpton in 1992: I’ll Use Hate To Achieve Racial Justice – YouTube

Red Nightmare – 1962 – Communist takeover of America – YouTube

Ann Kuster Dodges Benghazi Question – YouTube

New CBO study: top 40% of earners paid 106.2% of net income taxes collected | Wintery Knight

In touching tribute to Mandela, Obama posts photo of himself watching TV by Andrew Malcolm – Investors.com

IRS goes after ObamaCare critic C. Steven Tucker, and South Carolina cancer patient – Illinois Review

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We look forward to “seeing” you Sunday! Until then, stay warm!



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