ICYMI: Bunny Sex? Seriously? This Video Explains ALOT about Why Establishment GOP is the Problem

This video was “Video of the Day” here yesterday, but you may have missed it there, and you need to see it. It’s a segment from the Tuesday 10-15-13 edition “Anderson Cooper 360,” with guest Republican consultant (God help us) Alex Castellanos, dismissing Sen. Ted Cruz’ standing up for freedom and fairness with the demeaning, and frankly disgusting, phrase “bunny sex.”

I hope that this disgraceful little performance by one of the GOP’s best and brightest shows you what those of us who stand up for Constitution in the age of Obama are up against. Not only do we have to fight the cultural Marxists occupying the White House. We also have to fight the Fifth Column traitors in the Republican party.

Let me ask again. Sen. McCain, have you gotten that huge card that the DNC was planning to send you? It’s probably still in the lobby so that everyone can sign it. Sen. Ayotte, I understand that their planning a fruit basket for you. Way to be a team player, Girl! Sen. McConnell, I understand that you already got your lovely parting gift.

Get ready because now people like Mr. Castellanos and Sen. McCain are going to roll up their sleeves and help Barack Hussein Obama (MMM…MMM…MMM) get that amnesty that he hopes will turn the whole country into a one-party hell like the stinky slough of corruption that he crawled out of, Cook County, Illinois.

There is a way forward, but we have to beat not only the democrats, but guys like Alex Castellanos.


  1. Ev, I couldn’t agree with you more. There’s the inside-the-beltway East Coast Brain Rot afflicted bunch with their crony, back room deals v. real Americans. It’s ridiculous and disgusting! We have got to take the GOP back.

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