Idiocracy is Here: Business Leaders, Cowed by Lying Militants, Bully Indiana 

So sad to see business leaders, who are supposed to be intelligent, buy into disinformation campaign waged by the Stalinist Left, aided by their media handmaidens, and threaten the State of Indiana. Hey, Geniuses, the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act has NOTHING to do with refusing service to homosexuals. It is a limitation on GOVERNMENT action that burdens religion. Members of the Jurassic media, including columnists like East Coast Brain Rot afflicted Kathleen Parker, are saying thing about this law that are just not true. Are they ignorant, lazy, politically-motivated, just plain stupid or all of the above?  Ms. Parker made a real horse’s ass of herself yesterday on “Meet the Press” comparing this law to segregation in the pre-Civil Rights Law South! Stupid much? Yes  A LOT. 


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