If You’re Lucky Enough to Have a Job, Try An Obama During Your Next Review

While watching this past week’s Democrat convention in Charlotte, I learned that Barack Hussein Obama (MMM…MMM…MMM) wants the upcoming election to be about “choice,” and not only the vaunted “choice” that is apparently the number one priority of all female voters, the right to exterminate her unborn child. He wants it to be a choice between two competing visions of the future, his, which is inclusive, generous and all about “values,” and the stingy, mean future promised by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. The alternative to a “choice” election is exactly what he doesn’t want, a “referendum” election, as in an evaluation of his performance and a determination of whether he deserves to have his contract renewed. Given the objective reality reflected by the economic numbers, I think we can see why he doesn’t want us to decide based on his performance.

If it wasn’t clear already, last night’s speech was a reminder of what a miserable failure Barack Obama has been as president. Doesn’t the very fact that he didn’t mention either of his supposed “accomplishments,” his despised takeover of the health care system, or  his worthless “stimulus” slushfund payoff to public employee unions, during his acceptance speech tell us everything we need to know about whether he deserves to be re-elected?

How do you think that would work for you? When you have your annual review, and your boss asks you why you didn’t accomplish any of the objectives you mutually agree on last year, suggest that you should be evaluated not on the results you achieved, but on your “vision” for the future, when you will certainly do much much better. Give him that “past results don’t reflect future performance” language they use in those pitches for risky investments. When he reminds you that when you were hired, you pledged that if you didn’t make those goals happen, you understood that you would be let go, explain to him that the guy who had the job before you left a real mess, and things were much worse than you thought when you made that promise.

The answer is obvious. That would work out as well for you as the whole “hope and change” foolishness worked for our country. In sixty days, it will work out as well for the One as it would for you.


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