IG: Crooked Hillary Broke Email Rules to Keep Her Activities Secret

Hillary said “I complied with every rule.” Wrong. “I did not email any classified material to anyone. There is no classified material.” Wrong. More than 2500 classified emails have been found so far.

Gee, I can’t understand why so many people think that Hillary is dishonest and not trustworthy, can you?

From The Washington Free Beacon:

Hillary Clinton told a top deputy in 2010 that she wanted to prevent messages to and from her personal email account from being publicly accessible, according to a government report released on Wednesday.

Clinton has claimed that she exclusively used a personal email address for purposes of convenience. However, the report from the State Department’s inspector general suggests she was attempting to shield her communications from laws giving the public access to government information.

“I don’t want any risk of the personal [email account] being accessible,” Clinton told top aide Huma Abedin in a November 2010 email.

And note that the reason she did it: like the cockroach she is, she wanting to keep her activities in the dark, safely protected from those pesky Freedom of Information Act requests. Remember there are two FBI investigations of Mrs. Clinton, her handling of classified information and the bribes from foreign governments.

At the risk of stating what has been obvious since at least the early 1990’s, the Clintons don’t think the rules apply to them. They believe that they are above the law, and continue to prove it with their actions, be it this email mess, the Benghazi lies or the bribes to their phony foundation.

Unlike other Secretaries of State, including Colin Powell, Madelyn Albright, and Condi Rice, Hillary didn’t sit down for an interview with this Inspector General, Steve Linick, who was appointed by Barack Obama.

As Donald Trump said today “crooked as they come.” That pretty much captures it.

So, to summarize she endangered national security and lied about it, among many other things. How in the name of God can ANYONE support this evil creature for any position of responsibility? Are viewers of The Ellen Degeneres Show really this stupid and uninformed?


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