Barack Obama’s “Ignorance and Incompetence” on Parade AGAIN

Remember 2008, when Barack Hussein Obama was going to not only heal the planet, but erase all the enmity the rest of the world felt toward the United States because of the stupid cowboy president and his clueless foreign policy? That seems so long ago doesn’t it? Since he conned his way into office, he’s managed to antagonize most of our allies with his boneheaded moves, including, but not limited to kicking off his presidency by returning a bust of Winston Churchill to our most important ally, Great Britain, and continuing to repeatedly insult them over the last 3 years. 

Now he has stepped in it and again offended one of America’s most important military allies, Poland during yesterday’s Medal of Freedom Award ceremony.  From CBS:

WASHINGTON – The White House said President Obama misspoke on Tuesday when he referred to a “Polish death camp” while honoring a Polish war hero.

The president’s remark had drawn immediate complaints from Poles who said Obama should have called it a “German death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland,” to distinguish the perpetrators from the location. Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski called it a matter of “ignorance and incompetence.”

Isn’t it amazing how one so incredibly brilliant as Barack Obama can do so many stupid things?

Forgive my having to ask again, but as long as we’re reminiscing, I shall. Remember when we had a real president?

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