IL Governor Bruce Rauner, Really? Planning to Sign Bill Making State a “Sanctuary?”

Last Friday, the awesome Illinois Review reported that pro-illegal alien amnesty groups were crowing about Governor Bruce Rauner and his plans to sign SB 31, a law making his state a “sanctuary” state.

Is it true? Why would he do such a harmful, and destructive thing. Here’s what happened when I called both of his offices, the one in Springfield and the one in Chicago on Monday, August 7, 2017.

For more about SB 17, please check out Illinois Review’s excellent reporting here and here.


Governor Rauner’s Springfield Office, Monday, August 7, 2017


A very polite representative answered the phone by saying “Governor Rauner’s office,” and I said “I heard something very distressing over the weekend. I read that Gov. Rauner plans to sign SB 31, making Illinois a sanctuary state allowing illegal aliens to hide out from law enforcement in public schools and other government buildings. This can’t be true, can it?” She replied that there had been no announcement yet on whether the governor was planning to sign the legislation or not. but that she would be happy to take down my comments. I said I was relieved that he had not decided to sign it or at least that it had been announced, and said that I could not understand how this would benefit law-abiding hard-working citizens in Illinois. I said “is the governor aware of the horrific eight illegal alien crimes free that is going on in this country? In the last couple weeks alone there have been two horrific sexual assaults committed in sanctuary jurisdictions. As the governor aware of that fact? It looks like the governor and the legislature are trying to drive every last productive citizen out of the state of Illinois. Is that what they’re trying to do?” She replied that she was not able to comment on the merits of any legislation but that she would pass along my comments.  I thanked her and proceeded to make my next phone call.

Governor Rauner’s Chicago Office,  Monday, August 7, 2017


The representative answered the phone “Gov. Rauner’s office” I proceeded to say the exact same thing that I had said to the representative in Springfield, about being distressed hearing that the governor had planned to sign SB 31 and describe the reasons why I thought it was a terrible idea. The representative said “can you please hold I’m going to transfer you to someone who can take care of this.” I replied “of course.” After about 30 seconds, I heard the phone ringing as if it were being transferred somewhere else and then suddenly we were disconnected. I guess they found somebody to “take care of it.” That’s the Chicago way!

As I urged you on last Sunday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, if you haven’t already done so, please contact Gov. Rauner’s office today and urge him not to do this stupid, destructive act.


  1. Oh hell no! If he signs this bill, he’s toast for reelection. Anyone who supports this bill will never get my vote. What benefit does this provide the state? We’re broke, the state is dysfunctional, but let’s pass a bill to shelter lawbreakers-yeah that’s the way to improve the state. How can a group of people be so out of tune on the concept of law and order? Each day I say it can’t get any worse, and it always does. Does anyone in power have any common sense?

    • Richard, I can tell that you are as frustrated and angry as I am that any governor would even consider signing this legislation. It’s absolutely ridiculous, the opposite of common sense. It is stunning, and if you are an Illinois resident, I hope that you let him know.

      • I did for all the good it will do. Anyone who would consider this obviously, cannot fathom common sense and lawful behavior. The democrats are always crying about the power and influence the NRA supposedly has-they are minor league pikers compared to the illegal alien movement. Name one other country where you can violate their laws and not only will they won’t punish you, they will make excuses for you and offer you a reward, citizenship. As that great philosopher Moe Howard once said, I’m at a loss for adjectives!

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