Illegal Alien Murderer. Hey, Jeb, is he here “out of love?” Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 7-5-15

The Teri O'Brien Show

The Teri O’Brien Show

 Illegal Alien Murderer. Hey, Jeb, is he here “out of love?”

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Links to stories we discussed on the show are below

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How RINO’s are more upset by Donald Trump’s comments than they are about the senseless murder of a San Francisco woman, randomly gunned down right in front of her father in broad daylight
  • Why Donald Trump may not be the true believing conservative that many think
  • Why Obama and the democrats continue to enable illegals invading our country
  • Why Barack Obama’s administration cannot blame local officials in San Francisco for the murder of Kathryn Steinle
  • How the Obama Regime quietly scaled back deportations
  • What unfortunate adjective Mitt Romney used when criticizing Donald Trump
  • How the Gay Gestapo colluded with the  Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries to persecute the Christian bakers who used to have a business called “Cakes by Melissa”
  • How an armed citizen and Uber driver saved innocent people from being injured when a maniac started shooting
  • Why Uber banned people with concealed carry permits from having their guns with them when they drive
  • Just how unbelievably high health insurance premiums will skyrocket next year, thanks to Obamacare

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Links from the Show

Dumping on Trump, Ignoring Illegal Murderer

Gunman who shot dead 32-year-old woman in front of her father ‘at random’ on San Francisco pier was illegal Mexican immigrant who’d been deported FIVE times and was mistakenly released | Daily Mail Online

Obama administration scales back deportations in policy shift – The Washington Post (FTA, Sec. Jeh Johnson says “These people are here, they live among us, and they are not going away.” George Stephanapolous must have missed this story.)

Man arrested in connection with San Francisco killing had been deported several times, officials say | Fox News

Accused San Francisco Pier Shooter Should Have Been Deported: Immigration Officials | NBC Bay Area

Obama’s Sanctuary Cities Strain Govt Resources (“In addition to evading prosecution for violating federal immigration laws, sanctuary jurisdictions are being rewarded with federal funds. These funds are authorized under the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1994, which introduced a State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP).

This program provides monies to cities and states to cover the costs of imprisoning criminal illegal aliens, with much of SCAAP funding going to sanctuary jurisdictions. In 2008, U.S. Senator Obama voted to table a bill that would have stopped federal assistance to sanctuary cities; and in 2010, the Obama DOJ has allotted $62.6 million to 27 sanctuary jurisdictions.”)

Articles: How Chicago and Obama Globalized Voter Fraud (“Although 80,000 illegal aliens voted in 1982, the old-fashioned way, through vote fraud; by 2005 both Cook County and the state of Illinois had moved to allow photo I.D. to be given to illegal immigrants by passing matricula consular laws.” Enter Obama and ACORN.)

Indignant Jeb Bush Says He Takes Donald Trump’s Remarks Personally – First Draft. Political News, Now. – The New York Times

Illegal immigrant living in Hagerstown is held on $100K bond in child-porn case – Herald Mail Media: Local News

How Donald Trump helped Democrats pass Obamacare – The Washington Post

More of our coverage on Obama’s lawless amnesty and crimes committed by illegals:

Obama regime admitted that it released over 100 illegal aliens who went on to kill people in this country:

Illegal Alien Child Molesters and Rapists Have Been Freed to Prey on Americans Instead of Being Deported:

Obama is Extending His Amnesty to Illegals in Jails and Prisons:

Independence Day

Liberal News Suggests 21 Replacements For ‘Founding Fathers’ | The Federalist Papers

Declaration of Independence – Text Transcript (“Nature and Nature’s God”)

Obama: I’m Reagan

Obama: I’m Reagan and Hillary can be Bush 41 – Edward-Isaac Dovere and Sarah Wheaton – POLITICO

Despite Mr. Obama’s ‘engagement,’ Cuba continues its repression – The Washington Post

Venezuela and Cuba: Partners in repression – The Washington Post

Obama Exchanges Three Cuban Spies For American Hostage

FLASHBACK; President Payback’s Secret Plan to Build Up Iran. Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 2-15-15 – Teri O’Brien – America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess (Obama’s continuing concessions to Iran, enabling their getting a nuke, are all part of the plan.)

2nd Amendment Update

Uber driver, licensed to carry gun, shoots gunman in Logan Square – Chicago Tribune

Uber now bans both drivers and passengers from carrying guns – Red Alert Politics

The Obamization of Uber – POLITICO Magazine

Gay Gestapo and Their Agenda

George Takei FINALLY Apologizes for Clarence Thomas Remarks | The Federalist Papers

Ore. Silences Bakers Who Refused to Make Cake for Lesbians

Emails Raise Questions About Bias in Sweet Cakes Ruling

I’m a florist, but I refused to do flowers for my gay friend’s wedding – The Washington Post

Obama Telling Whoppers to Backward Children AGAIN, This Time About Unemployment and Obamacare

Barack Obama Tells Another Whopper—–He Did Not Create 12.8 Million Jobs | David Stockman’s Contra Corner (“We are now 29 quarters from the pre-crisis peak and total non-farm labor hours utilized by the US economy are no higher than they were in Q4 2007. In other words, if you use a common unit of measure—–labor hours rather than job slots which treat coal-miners and part-time pizza delivery boys alike—–there have been no new units of employment at all. Our teleprompter reading President is actually tooting his own horn about recycled hours and “born again”  jobs and doesn’t even know it.”)

Health Insurance Companies Seek Big Rate Increases for 2016 – The New York Times

The Week Ahead

Bibi Netanyahu says that the Iran deal is worse than the one with North Korea a decade ago, and look how well that worked out?

The fact that Iran’s foreign minister, Javad Zarif, could post this condescending message shows how far we’ve moved in Iran’s direction. They get to keep their ICBMs, their centrifuges, their uranium and the America hostages that they are holding. Plus they get a $100 billion “signing bonus.” Me thinks some democrats are going to balk at this deal.

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