Wonder if This Illegal Immigrant Murderer is a “Dreamer?”

From the Romeoville (IL) Patch: (H/T Brutus):

A spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said the Berwyn police let a man who would later be charged with killing a Romeoville teen go free without notifying them.

The Cicero man charged with gunning down a teenage Romeoville girl faced possible deportation but was released without anyone notifying U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a spokeswoman for the agency said.

Erick Maya, 23, was arrested by the Berwyn police in October 2011 for beating his 15-year-old girlfriend with a beer bottle and metal pipe. Maya allegedly shot another 15-year-old former girlfriend in the head, killing her, last month.

After Maya was arrested in 2011, ICE placed an immigration detainer on him, said agency spokeswoman Gail Montenegro.

An immigration detainer is a notice that the Department of Homeland Security “intends to assume custody” of an individual being held by a law enforcement agency, according to the ICE website.

ICE “first placed an immigration detainer on Erick Martin Maya at the Berwyn Police Department on Oct. 7, 2011 following his arrest on criminal charges,” Montenegro said in an emailed statement.

“Despite the detainer, which requests that a law enforcement agency notify ICE before releasing the individual, ICE was not informed of Mr. Maya’s release from local custody,” Montenegro said. “He subsequently was not turned over to ICE.”

ICE says that local police never notified them, something that the Berwyn PD disputes. Would any of you be surprised to learn that this scumbag was a beneficiary of Obama’s pandering and illegal “deferred action” in 2012? Neither would I.


  1. Can’t help but wonder what “intends to assume custody’ of an individual being held by a law enforcement agency” really means??? To me, it appears that law enforcement has failed us. Either accidentially or by design.

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