Illegals Out “of the Shadows,” Benghazi Whistleblowers Soon Will Be: Show Notes: The Teri O’Brien Show, 5-5-13


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Happy Cinco De Mayo, or as Barack Obama might say, “Cinco de Cuatro!”

Barack Obama goes to Mexico, warns us not to get all “bogged down” worrying about border security, and apologizes AGAIN for the United States, this time for being responsible for drug trafficking and the prevalence of guns, and conveniently neglects to mention that his administration deliberately sent lots of them there in an attempt to gin up gun control hysteria in the United States. As his fellow pinko Lenin would say, to make an omelette, you’ve got to break some eggs. What’s a few hundred dead Mexicans?

For the 5th time in the last 18 months, Obama goes to Ohio, this time to THE Ohio State University to reward the wet-behind-the-ears Obamabots who mindlessly voted for him because he’s so cool. He warns them not to get all bogged down in listening to people who tell them that government isn’t the source of everything good in their lives.

With a straight face, faux reasonable, moderate, middle-of-the-road guy/national embarrassment Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) explains that unless we pass the 844-page “comprehensive immigration reform,” it won’t be possible to make sure that people like the Tsarnaev accomplices don’t overstay or re-enter the country with expired student visas, demonstrating how breathtakingly stupid the democrats really think we are.

Rudy Giuliani makes a great case that Robel Phillipos, Azamat Tazhayakov and Dias Kadyrbayev should be charged with being accessories in the murder of MIT police officer Sean Collier.

On May Day, amazingly, once again, illegal aliens emerge from “the shadows” to wave Mexican flags and hang out with communists and anarchists. The Left, including their stenographers in the LSM, say “Communists? What communists?” So does the afore-mentioned pudgy huckster, Dick Durbin.

Benghazi survivors remain “in the shadows,” but whistleblowers will testify on Wednesday before Darryl Issa’s committee.

Bill Maher celebrates the gassing and incineration of his fellow citizens by our government at Waco.

At the NRA convention, Wayne LaPierre says bring it on, and reflects on what it’s like to be called a “liar” by Barack Obama. I think it’s sort of like being called “fat” by Michael Moore, or “stupid” by Elisabeth Hasselback.

Archived-Articles: What’s a bigger national embarrassment – Gitmo or Durbin? (FLASHBACK: My American Thinker piece about Sen. Durbin)

Obama talks guns, drugs in Mexico – (Can you say “Fast and Furious?”)

Immigration bill contains 400 waivers, exceptions and exemptions | The Daily Caller (as we’ve told you for the last several weeks, the “Gang of 8” immigration bill is another democrat trick. The amnesty is first and forever, and the border security comes later, if ever.)

Obama In Mexico: Without Latino Support I Wouldn’t Be President… | Weasel Zippers (Thanks a lot, Guys!)

Friday ceremony honors Benghazi victims Page 1 of 2 | (How touching! Somehow I’d feel much better if in addition to the laying of wreaths, eight months post-Benghazi we had some answers about why we were lied to)

The Benghazi Talking Points | The Weekly Standard (Steve Hayes terrific piece that exposes the fact that the original talking points prepared about this incident were scrubbed of references to al Qaeda.)

Three additional people taken into custody in Boston Marathon bombings –

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Friends Who Tried to Destroy Evidence Entered U.S. With Expired Visas (we heard the hilarious audio, in which Cong. Peter King (R-NY) explained that we don’t have the technology that would allow the right hand to know what the left hand is doing.)

Vaseline Bomb Link Prompts al Qaeda Concerns: EXCLUSIVE (Vaseline? Who knew it was a common component in bomb making?)

The deadly sound silence can make | Boston Herald (opinion piece that agrees that Dzokhar’s pals are complicit in the murder of MIT Sean Collier)

Waco: The Rules of Engagement Movie Review (1997) | Roger Ebert (even this extreme liberal movie critic realized that the federal government’s official story justifying its murder of 76 Americans didn’t pass the smell test)

Rubio: ‘Get Me Rewrite!’ | The Daily Caller (Sen. Rubio is apparently catching on.)

 Marathon Pundit: Still unrepentant post-Boston: Bill Ayers defends Weather Underground bombings (Marathon called the show to give us this Bill Ayers update)



  1. Racist Right plays Holier than thou again…

    he never did apologize for america.

    Racist Right plays holier than thou again by lying about Obama…

    Amen disgusted and tired…Amen! Obama is not tearing the fabric of this nation, the hatred is! Its now at the point that they are not afraid of this nation being torn apart but welcome it. We are a relatively young country that is progressing, what I shame it would be if hate won…be careful what you wish for Obama haters, be very careful.

    Republicans love to scream “liar”. If they could prove facts are lies, they could win every debate. Instead of none. At least their record is “perfect”.

    I don’t doubt for a minute that Obama and the rest of the politicians lies, but this is pale compares to the Iraq WMD claimed by Bush and Co that cost hundreds of thousands of innocent lives and trillion of dollars (and the funny thing is the average American populous re-elected one of the worst liar, murderer, and war criminal in the 21st century to be its POTUS).

    Well Bush lied to us and now 2000 + Americans and over 130000 Iraqis dead and you dont seem to care. Why is that? Where is the outrage?

    yes you are stupid . stop showing , and stop beating a dead horse .Benghazi is a not a issue . the former president wAs not truthful about WMD’S.

    job are more important then Behngazi
    a five year old shooting a two year OLD IS MORE important then Behngazi

    children going without food is more important then Behngazi .

    Because of the right wing propaganda. And people like you that mindlessly pass it on.

    Now, on the the “imaginary apology tour”! God! Now see, a rational, intelligent person does not see an apology in what President Obama said. Only a misinformed right-wing Fox Propaganda idiot would see an apology in those statements of fact.


    • I don’t know who you are calling a racist, but whoever it is, you shouldn’t resort to that knee-jerk impulse when you are trying to demonize someone who says something for which you have no rational answer.
      Didn’t everyone ever tell you that it’s not constructive to live in the past? 2003 is a long time ago, isn’t it? Besides, Pres. Bush didn’t lie about anything, including Saddam Hussein, despite what you see on “The Daily Show” or MS-NBC. I guess I’ll have to write another post about that. My work is never done!
      I’m sorry, Questionman, but Benghazi, in which 4 brave Americans were killed in an incident that was preventible, is not going to go away. Where is your outrage over their murders? Where is your outrage over the fact that Barack and Hillary deliberately lied about what happened? The lid is coming off that this week. Even the democrats are heading for the hills to distance themselves from it.
      I agree with you about jobs and the economy being extremely important. I wonder why Obama is more interested in praising the “courage” of a man for declaring to the world that he enjoys having sex with other men …
      Children are going without food? The food stamp rolls have exploded since this jackass took office, and meanwhile his obnoxious wife hauls her huge rear end all over the country lecturing us on the fact that we (and that includes children) are too fat. Which is it?
      Why five year olds are left with so little supervision that they can shoot 2 year olds is beyond me. That never happened in my house or in my neighborhood, despite the fact that most people owned firearms. Could it have something to do with the structure, or lack thereof, or certain families? Am I supposed to have my God-given rights infringed upon because some people are irresponsible breeders who don’t take responsibility for the children they create? I don’t think so.
      Barack and Michelle regularly invite rappers to the White House who celebrate crime, drug use, sexism and gun violence in their “art.” Perhaps they could help you figure out what to do about the culture.
      I await your replies.

  2. What a hate-filled RACIST your little troll is.

  3. Oh, my. I think this commentator might just know what he is talking about when he accuses people of lying. You see, it’s what Teri usually describes as liberal-projection. When a plagiarist takes the words of someone else and attributes them to himself, he is what you would call a liar. It’s a special kind of lie. It even has its own name. It is called plagiarism. Unless “Questionman” is Dennis Byrne, he is that special kind of liar. I believe I will e-mail Mr. Byrne and ask.

    • Nice catch, M. Yes, it’s not nice to plagiarize. We welcome all points of view, but not posting other people’s writing without their consent.

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