Illinois Legislature Defeats Genuine, Good Faith Concealed Carry

From the Chicago Tribune:

The Illinois House tonight defeated a concealed weapons proposal favored by gun rights advocates, a setback that could spur negotiations toward finding common ground with lawmakers who back gun control.

The legislation represented a signature showdown in the critical gun debate that is in the spotlight this spring because a federal appeals court has set an early June deadline for Illinois to put in place a concealed weapons law.

Under the proposal, guns could have been carried on mass transit buses and trains but banned from taverns, schools, casinos, stadiums, child-care facilities, universities and government buildings, including courthouses, legislative offices and the state Capitol.

Rep. Brandon Phelps, the legislature’s leading concealed carry advocate, challenged his colleagues to vote for what he viewed as reasonable parameters on where people could carry guns in public, who is allowed to carry, who decides whether a person is eligible and how much training should be required.

“This could be our last chance,” Phelps said, saying he had made changes to address numerous concerns of gun control  lawmakers. “We keep giving and we keep giving and we keep giving.”

Roll call here at Illinois Review.

Pursuant to a federal court order, Illinois has until June 9 to pass a 2nd-amendment compliant concealed carry law. As for the Tribune’s cheerleading for “negotiations toward finding common ground with lawmakers who back gun control,” I say screw that. Rep. Phelps’, who, by the way, is a democrat, proposal was a genuine concealed carry law, albeit not perfect, but at least a good faith effort to give law-abiding citizens some opportunity to exercise their rights, as opposed to the sort of “may carry” charade that Mike Madigan and the Chicago democrats tried to trick everybody into thinking was 2nd-amendment compliant. PULEEZE!

Illinois citizens,  it is time to contact your representatives and let them know that you want a real concealed carry law, not some faux legislation designed to trick the courts. Otherwise, we should let the June 9 deadline arrive, and we’ll have constitutional carry.

Gee, maybe then Illinois won’t, to use a phrase very popular with liberals, be “out of the mainstream.” Check out this gif file to see a dramatic representation of how OOTM Illinois is.


  1. Negotiations should end May Day, the first. If they can’t come around to the court’s thinking by then conservatives should stop negotiating. They can have it our way, or the court’s way. Pass the popcorn, comrade.

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