Illinois to get Concealed Carry… But not you Chicago.

Despite the big win for the 2nd Amendment, and Illinois residents in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, it seems that Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart and Chicago Police Superintendent Geri Mc Carthy want to decide the issue of concealed carry for you.  They will decide if you really need a gun.  (Maybe if you beg they will let you have one.)

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Sheriff Tom Dart said Sunday that he is proposing a concealed-carry gun ordinance to keep Cook County from becoming the “Wild West.”

Dart said he’s worried about a stalemate in the General Assembly on a law to license people to carry concealed guns. If legislators don’t meet a June 9 court deadline to pass such a law, anyone with a state firearm owner’s identification card could legally walk anywhere in public with a concealed weapon, Dart said. …

Dart’s ordinance would give him the power to approve and reject licenses to carry concealed guns in Cook County. Applicants would have to pay a $300 fee for a license.

Gee, where’s my shocked face? A Cook County official has come up with a “solution” that not only involves his having absolute power, but also requires our paying more money to Cook County to exercise our God-given rights? Of course!

But will criminals see it the Sheriff’s way?  How safe do you feel?  Remember, 911= “Dial a Prayer.”  


  1. Wait a moment folks… isn’t the Second Amendment part of our “Bill of RIGHTS?” With a special emphasis on “Rights.” To require a fee of any kind in order to practice what we are not only guaranteed by our US Constitution, but a natural Right (whereas we are endowed with these Rights from our Creator) to put a fee on any one of them is equivealent to extortion. Last I checked, “Extortion” was still a crime. So… we have Government functionaries who are charged with upholding the LAW and sworn by OATH to the US Constitution, committing a felonious act against the citizenry. Are we just going to sit and take it???

  2. While it is difficult to predict exactly how this issue will shake out certain elements are all too predictable. Like D.C., Illinois in general and Cook Co. in particular are not going to roll over on their police state style draconian gun control no matter how many judges rule against them both. Illinois will concoct a “may issue” law that will be so byzantine and expensive that only the wealthiest and most politically connected will ever receive one. Cook Co. and Chicago will craft a similar law that is so intricate it is impossible for anyone to clear all of its hurdles and achieve compliance, forcing gun rights advocates to sue them repeatedly over the details. Chicago and Cook Co. will drag this out for decades.

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