Under The Radar, Obama Regime’s “Profound Shift” in Enforcing Immigration Laws

With only one courageous federal judge, Andrew Hanen, standing up to the Obama Regime’s lawlessness, our “fearless” Community-Organizer-in-Chief continues carrying out his plan to dramatically change the demographics of our country, in anticipation of next year’s election.

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From the Washington Post:

The Obama administration has begun a profound shift in its enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws, aiming to hasten the integration of long-term illegal immigrants into society rather than targeting them for deportation, according to documents and federal officials.

In recent months, the Department of Homeland Security has taken steps to ensure that the majority of the United States’ 11.3 million undocumented immigrants can stay in this country, with agents narrowing enforcement efforts to three groups of illegal migrants: convicted criminals, terrorism threats or those who recently crossed the border.

While public attention has been focused on the court fight over President Obama’s highly publicized executive action on immigration, DHS has with little fanfare been training thousands of immigration agents nationwide to carry out new policies on everyday enforcement.

Disgusting and pathetic. Let me take this opportunity to once again thank the clueless, ignorant, emotionally-driven low information morons who voted this jackass into office.

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