Insane Clown Posse: The Teri O’Brien Chat Room, 1/30/11

Regular listeners to the Teri O’Brien Show know that we’ve often discussed the futile attempts by the Left to hide their intellectual bankruptcy by using Stalinist tactics to silence us. When author/investigative journalist Stanley Kurtz came on the show (11/7/10) to discuss his painstakingly researched, fascinating book “Radical in Chief,” we reminisced about August 27, 2008. That was one day before the One would appear standing between his cringe-inducing faux Roman columns, accepting the democrat party’s nomination. Meanwhile, back in Chicago, the forces of hope and change sent out a list of talking points, instructing their zombified supporters to bombard WGN’s Milt Rosenberg with robotic harrassment calls and to otherwise attempt to disrupt the show during Mr. Kurtz appearance. No wonder: he was appearing to describe and document Obama’s long romance with socialism. They rejected an offer to provide a spokesperson to debate Mr. Kurtz. Of course. They don’t debate. They destroy, or hope to.

We also heard our guest John Lott (1/23/11), another thoughtful, serious academic researcher and author of essential read “More Guns, Less Crime,” describe his experience with Barack Obama while they were both on the faculty of the University of Chicago. Mr. Lott described a person very different from the guy depicted by the slobbering spin peddled by Obama’s apparatchiks in the Jurassic media, the guy who is always willing to listen to everyone and hear their ideas, even if he disagrees. The Obama Mr. Lott knew was one who has no interest in discussing or arguing with those with different points of view. In fact, he was so repulsed even by the expression of an opposing view that he couldn’t even muster the common courtesy to respond politely. He turned his back and walked away. Audio here.

Last Sunday we got the opportunity to experience these Alinsky-inspired tactics first hand, when the live chat room was even more lively than usual, owing to the presence of many of our friends on the Left, determined to express their affection and appreciation for the show in the way only they can; that is, with profanity, graphic descriptions of their sexual proclivities and racial epithets. It was ridiculous, and dare I say at times, amusing to observe, sort of like a virtual visit to an insane asylum without having to actually travel there and risk the inmates throwing their own feces at you. The most horrifying part of the transcript is the part is at the end, when the members of this organized group discussed their search for their next “target.” Oh the humanity! Who do they think they are-Sarah Palin? Oh wait …that was the anti-Wal-mart gang that used a target. Never mind. This bunch demonstrated yet again what we’ve known for many years: incivility, rage and racism live on the Left. If you missed it, cruise over to Pandora Radio, choose your favorite rapper and you’ll have an idea of what went on.

I don’t know whether this dastardly dozen are intellectually-stunted, off their meds, or, whether they just got back from partying with Charlie Sheen. Maybe all three. Regardless, their goal was clearly to disrupt, hijack, or even shut down, the show, which they did not, and cannot.

Despite our experience with this feckless flash mob, we will continue to have a live chat room during the live airing of the show. As you know, I believe in free speech, although I do concede that much of what we saw in last Sunday’s chat, the semi-literate bile from the fevered brains of those frustrated by their intellectual inadequacy, barely qualifies as “speech,” unless we expand the definition to include the guttural grunting and squealing we might hear at the zoo. Still, if these people think that they can destroy our use and enjoyment of the chat room, they are wrong (as usual). As you know, my personal philosophy is “sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me,” and so generally, I ignore the bleating of these clowns. My only concern is that all of you have a great experience during the show. If you find the disgusting drivel that these nut cases write disturbing, please highlight the users name in chat and click “Ignore.” That way, you won’t see their moronic remarks. These mental midgets, with their limited vocabularies and disgusting comments, brand them as demented, don’t diminish us, and they aren’t going to silence us. Knowing the members of this audience the way I do, I suspect that these pinheads are like a fly on an elephant to you. Some of you may even feel sorry for them. I can see that.

To the extent that any of you who were part of last Sunday’s harassment campaign are reading this note, and recognize that you need help, I hope you get it. Untreated mental illness never ends well. Just ask your pal “9/11 truther” Charlie Sheen.

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