FBI Notes of Hillary Interview Show Her More Than Careless, Cite Concussion

More like clueless. Did Hillary suffer memory loss when she fell and hit her head? Or is she just lying again?


How can anyone consider voting for this woman?

You know that the FBI conducted a 3.5 hour interview of Hillary Clinton on July 2, 2016 And what about the IT guy’s “Oh s**t” moment? Scroll down.

From CNN:

Hillary Clinton repeatedly told the FBI she couldn’t recall key details and events related to classified information procedures, according to notes the bureau released Friday of its July interview with the Democratic presidential nominee, along with a report on its investigation into her private email server.

Clinton told the FBI she “could not recall any briefing or training by State related to the retention of federal records or handling classified information,” according to the bureau’s notes of their interview with Clinton. The documents indicate Clinton told investigators she either does not “recall” or “remember” at least 39 times — often in response to questions about process, potential training or the content of specific emails.

Ah yes. “I cannot recall,” which guarantees she wouldn’t end up in the Steel Hotel on a Martha Stewart rap.

FBI Notes-HRC-Oh Shit moment
Interesting little tidbit here in the CNN story:
The FBI report also provided detail on mass deletions of Clinton’s email server by the company maintaining her server, Platte River Networks, after the existence of it came to light.
According to the investigation report, top Clinton adviser Cheryl Mills told a PRN worker whose name was redacted in December 2014 that Clinton wanted her email to only be retained for 60 days, and instructed him to reset the retention policy on her email account.
But the individual told the FBI he realized that he had failed to do so until after The New York Times published its bombshell story revealing Clinton’s private server and email use, prompting an “‘oh s***’ moment.”
“In a follow-up FBI interview on May 3, 2016, (name redacted) indicated he believed he had an ‘oh s***’ moment and sometime between March 25-31, 2015, deleted the Clinton archive mailbox from the PRN server and used BleachBit to delete the exported .PST files he had created on the server system containing Clinton’s emails,” the report stated.
The mass deletion occurred after the March 2, 2015, Times story and after a March 3, 2015, preservation order from the House Benghazi Committee to retain and produce documents related to her email accounts.
Mills had sent this request to PRN and this individual on March 9, 2015, and under repeat questioning by the FBI, the individual admitted he was aware that the request existed and meant he shouldn’t disturb the files on PRN’s server.
Both Mills and Clinton told the FBI they were not aware of the mass deletion that March.
Oh, of course, they didn’t know! As for the person whose name is redacted, who admitted knowing that the emails were under a Congressional preservation order, will he be prosecuted, or are we just going to “move on?” What made this guy, whoever he is, willing to risk prosecution to protect Hillary? I hope he’s hired an attorney. This mess isn’t going away.
Update: Hillary couldn’t remember her briefings after her concussion.
FBI Notes-HRC-Concussion
She had no idea what the letter “C” on a document meant:
FBI Notes-HRC-Letter C
She had no idea how classification of a document was determined:
FBI Notes-HRC-Classification

She had 13 Blackberries, and apparently no one knows where they are:

FBI Notes-HRC-13Blackberries
She didn’t think it was inappropriate to talk about future drone strikes on unsecure email:
FBI Notes-HRC-Drone Strike
The notes are heavily redacted, and I am still going over them. I will discuss any more significant information here by updating this post, and on Sunday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show.
There is more gold to mine in this Friday of a holiday weekend dump. Stay tuned. A few thoughts so far:
  • I am not buying Hillary’s bad memory act. It’s just too convenient.
  • That said, I’m curious why it is that when anyone else, as in Donald Trump or any of his surrogates or supporters, mention Hillary’s health issues, that person is a sexist pig, a hater, or whatever other damn insult the Left can come up with.
  • One of Hillary’s major arguments is that she is intelligent, and highly experienced. Is it just me, or does these notes make her seem just the opposite.
It’s not a coincidence that they released this information on a holiday weekend Friday.  It’s not good for Grandma.
What say you?


  1. Maybe we could inform Hillary she has already been president for the last 8 years and she is no longer eligible. She just doesn’t remember.
    It would be like reverse gaslighting, only different.

  2. While on the campaign trail Hillary is represented by her supporters as the picture of vigorous health. When questioned by the FBI her geriatric brain is so delicate that a fall induced concussion rang her bell so thoroughly that she simply couldn’t remember being told what she must do to avoid compromising national security while she carried out her official duties. She simply cannot have it both ways.

  3. She practically admitted being brain damaged and said she couldn’t remember briefings. Disqualifying, IMO.

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