Iran Celebrates 36th Anniversary of Embassy Takeover by Taking Another Hostage

Iran Celebrates 36th Anniversary of Embassy Takeover by Taking Another Hostage

While the Jackass-in-Chief is out going full Alinsky, attending fundraisers where he mocks Republicans to the delight of his brain donor donors, the Iranians are snatching more hostages. From the site Junior College:

Zakka is reportedly the Secretary General of IJMA3 and was invited by an Iranian organization to give a speech at an worldwide conference.
Iranian authorities have arrested a Lebanese man with permanent US resident status who they said was linked to USA military and intelligence agencies, state broadcaster IRIB said Tuesday.

Citing an unidentified source, state television reported on November 3 that the man, identified as Nezar Zaka, is suspected of having “deep ties to the USA intelligence and military establishment”.

Nizar Zakka, whose LinkedIn page indicates that he lives in Washington, D.C., was invited to Tehran by the office of Iran’s Vice President for Women and Family Affairs to participate in a conference on sustainable development, according to the Lebanese news website NOW.

Iran holds at least three other Americans, including Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian, who has been convicted on charges that included espionage after a closed-door trial.

Tehran does not recognize dual nationality for its citizens. Siamak Namazi and Nazar Zaka now bring the total five American prisoners in Iran.

Responding to reports of Zaka’s arrest, Royce said, “Another day, another hostage taken by Iran”.

Namazi, the son of a politician from the era of the shah, had been specifically criticized in hard-line commentary this year as Iranian conservatives warned against easing hostilities with the U.S.

That brings the count of American hostages in Iran to 5. Maybe Obama is going for 52, one more than the original. After all, he is “historic,” no?


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