Iran Warns U.S. That Anti-Terrorism Measures Might Queer Nuke Deal

Bending Over Backwards to Please Iran. Or just bending over.


From the Washington Free Beacon:


From the Washington Free Beacon:

Secretary of State John Kerry is working to reassure Iranian leaders that recent congressional efforts to tighten counter-terrorism measures will not harm Iranian interests, according to a letter sent by Kerry to Iran’s foreign minister.

The assurances come following efforts by Congress to tighten restrictions in the visa waiver program, which they claim has gaping loopholes that may enable suspected terrorists to legally enter the United States with few background checks.

Iranian leaders expressed anger over the move in recent days, prompting senior Obama administration officials to convey their own concerns to lawmakers.

Kerry wrote to Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif late last week, promising that the Obama administration could veto these new counter-terrorism laws in order ensure Iran is not negatively impacted.…

Stephen Mull, the State Department official in charge of implementing the Iran deal, warned the Senate Foreign Relations Committee late last week that recent congressional efforts to tighten restrictions “could have a very negative impact on the deal.”

Iranian leaders also have expressed anger over the situation.

Ali Larijani, the speaker of Iran’s parliament, said last week that newly tightened measures “are aimed at harassment” and that they “blatantly violate the nuclear agreement,” according to comments carried by the Iranian state-controlled press.

Larijani warned that this action will detonate the deal before it has even been implemented.

“If the Americans pursue the plan, they will destroy an achievement with their own hands since it is against the [nuclear deal], and it will trouble them,” he warned.

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Oh perish the thought! We wouldn’t want anything to endanger the One’s plans to facilitate Iran’s entry into the nuclear club, specifically, and its becoming a regional power, which, of course, is part of Obama’s master plan.


  1. I find it ironic that Iran just happens to world’s #1 sponsor of terrorism. Do you think that might be one of the reasons why these proposed anti-terrorism measures are giving the mullahs heartburn?

  2. “Proceed to procure an aeronautical fornication upon a rolling discus” is the message to Iran. Translates to ” take a flying …….
    Swift boat has given away the store and now that he and Obama have been caught bending over for the BOHICA, it is time to say ENOUGH. OBAMA’S love for his Muslim brother terrorists is at an end. NO MORE!i

  3. David is on Santa’s naughty list and gets coal for xmas, before Obama outlaws it for ever!

  4. David,
    Your comments sound very similar to those of another troll that used to comment here frequently. I can’t help but wonder if you are the same person. Is this your new mask?

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