Ironic (No, Really): Obamacare Disaster Mr. Fixit Quits, Citing Health Issues

I know that there is a lot of confusion about the meaning of the word “ironic,” and while I don’t think you can blame Alanis Morrisette, she certainly added to it. Clearly, the woman had no idea what the word meant when she wrote her song “Ironic.” It’s not “ironic” for a 98 year-old man to win the lottery and die the next day. Even Wendy Davis ex-husband/sugar daddy Jeff Davis doesn’t know what it means, as he makes obvious when he said, referring to loan he took out to send Wendy to Harvard Law School, “It was ironic,” he said. “I made the last payment, and it was the next day she left.” (Speaking of Ms. Davis, it is ironic that she criticized her wheelchair-bound opponent Greg Abbott for not understanding what it means to struggle because he hadn’t walked in her shoes. Ok, Joe Biden, Jr.)

Chris Jennings, the White House’s coordinator of health reform, has resigned six months after he was recruited to try to iron out the implementation of major aspects of the Affordable Care Act.

Jennings said in an interview Thursday that he decided to leave after he landed in the hospital last month with a health scare after working the long, intense hours typical of senior White House aides.

People will do anything to distance themselves from this poisonous Obamacare mess. I’m not suggesting that Mr. Jennings faked his health problems. I’m sure that trying to “fix” this completely unworkable scheme did make him sick. I hear that he’s going to try something easier next time, like say eating Chichester Cathedral.

All Americans want to escape from Obamacare, but unfortunately for the democrats facing the voters in 2014, they can’t. They own it.


  1. I have never seen a real warrior princess before, you take a nice photo.
    Food for thought: Add this all up and if you’re not scared sh.tless for your family, yourself, and your country, something is the matter with you.

    Add to that the fact that Obama has been purging those of the senior leadership of the military who have publicly opposed his policies and his presidency, more and more it becomes clear that exercising the right of free speech can now be costly, very costly.

    Re: The 2016 Presidential election, it isn’t who votes that counts, it is who counts the votes, and the democrat party seems to be setting itself up as the vote counter.

    Be profitable, amigos……….and run like hell with it.

    • Thanks so very much for your informative comment, and for your nice compliment about my photo. It’s all about good lighting. You are so right about the Regime. Obama said people should “punish their enemies,” and unlike when he’s making promises about our health care, in this case, he means what he says. You are also spot on about the important thing being who counts the votes. I think Stalin said that, right? If he didn’t he could have, like the merry band of Marxists we have occupying the White House now.

      • Yes Stalin said it. Surprisingly you get your best political quotes from the political leaders we consider to be most evil. My favorite as the top stop on truthful political observation came from the man everyone loves to hate, Adolf Hitler. Speaking to his generals prior to the 1939 invasion of Poland, he is quoted as saying, “Isn’t it wonderful for those in power, that the people do not think.”

        Couldn’t give a more accurate description of most of America today if we tried. The people do not think. They see without seeing, they hear without hearing, and they watch TV and do not think.

        Why is the purging of the senior leadership of the military important? In the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s I would have bet good money that the military would not fire on American citizens if ordered to do so by a rouge leadership. By the 1980s it was becoming evident that, yes they were likely to do so, and now I have no doubt they would fire on U.S. Citizens if ordered, and that is why Obama is removing the dissenting military leadership. He is sending the message that you will follow orders and the leadership left in place is getting the message loud and clear. The troops have all be social-programmed long ago to accept that they might be called to fire on Citizens if ordered.

        Now attach that to the overwhelming looney left demonization of anyone who disagrees with their agenda (see links above), and you have a situation where you, I, the Tea Party, and many others will find ourselves labeled as terrorists in resistance to the government and troops will gun us down. Bet on it.

        I am not claiming a conspiracy at all, it is just so obvious from the clues that are out there. (BTW, my military career was in intelligence information gathering from communications. I was taught how to look for and assimilate information from communications.) The looney left is out to destroy opposition and make the USA a one party state, and nothing could be more clear than that. They are using every lie and every tool they can.

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