IRS Targeting with Tea Party Star Becky Gerritson, Trayvon Martin’s Twisted Family Tree-The Teri O’Brien Show, 6-30-13

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Thanks to our terrific guest, Becky Gerritson of the Watumka Alabama Tea Party.

A Rising Republican Star: Becky Gerritson | ALGOP 

While Supremes Downplay Race, Obama Mandates It In Decision Making – (Part of the plan to “remake” America,” and like so much of that plan, done sub rosa, and through the back door, avoiding Congress)

‘We Need to Act’: Transcript of Obama’s Climate Change Speech – Bloomberg (Meanwhile, at a speech at University of Cape Town, the One promises $7 billion to help bring electricity to Africa. Are you connecting the dots? Unilateral energy disarmament will cut “unfair” Amerika down to size!)

President Obama’s plan to fix climate change is fatally flawed, experts say | The Verge

United States Energy Use l Clean Coal l America’s Power (site where you can see how much of your state’s energy comes from the coal industry that Barack Obama vowed to destroy when he was running for president in 2008)

FLASHBACK: Barack Obama – I Will Bankrupt The Coal Industry – YouTube

Nelson Mandela ‘proven’ to be a member of the Communist Party after decades of denial – Telegraph (I know we aren’t supposed to mention this inconvenient fact)

Lois Lerner’s plan: fight on – Rachael Bade and David Nather –

Lois Lerner waived Fifth Amendment rights, Committee says | The Daily Caller

Why Hasn’t IRS Director Lois Lerner Been Fired? – Forbes

Dem Senator Says Current IRS Scandal Just the Tip of the Iceberg | Teri O’Brien – America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess

While The IRS Was Targeting Tea Party, They Were Sending $4.2 Billion in Refunds to Mexico | Teri O’Brien – America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess

Where is the special prosecutor in the IRS scandal? – (As I mentioned to Becky Gerritson, any special prosecutor in this matter would be appointed by Eric Holder, and would more than likely just be a whitewash presented as a “thorough investigation”)

Rand Paul: On Gay Marriage GOP Needs to ‘Agree to Disagree’ – ABC News

Let the People Decide | The Weekly Standard (Portions of Justice Scalia’s dissent in the DOMA decision. Please read it, and ask yourself “Does Rand Paul REALLY agree with Justice Anthony Kennedy’s ridiculous opinion in U.S. v. Windsor?) – Edward Snowden Is Riding a Global Anti-American Network – Friday, June 28, 2013 (Gee, what happened to the reset? I thought that the amazing power of Barack Obama’s charm and personality would make the world love us.)

Hank Johnson: Clarence Thomas ‘Worse’ Than Edward Snowden For Gutting Voting Rights Act (proving the stunning ignorance of certain members of Congress when it comes to understanding legal opinions)

01-02 George Zimmerman Case – Open Discussion Thread | The Last Refuge (scroll down a couple of comments to read the one that says the writer is going to create a spreadsheet to chart the Martin “spaghetti bowl” of a family tree, and says Excel may have met its match)

CNN Caught Red-Handed Lying In Zimmerman Trial! Why Are Barack Obama & The MSM Pushing A Race War? | Crime All-Stars

Minor-League Team Giving Away Guns On “Second Amendment Night”


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