Is Fox News Shilling for Amnesty? Sadly, The Answer Appears to Be Yes

Fox News, Owned by Rupert Murdoch, Shows Its True Colors. It’s Not Really a “Conservative” Outlet.Illegals crossing borderMickey Kaus has resigned from The Daily Caller after its editor, Tucker Carlson, pulled down a column he wrote critical of Fox News.

Who is Mickey Kaus? He is a liberal, who has written for Newsweek, The Washington Monthly, and used to blog at Salon under the title “Kausfiles.”  In 2004, he expressed dissatisfaction with  John Kerry, but still endorsed him and contributed to his campaign. Amazingly, despite being a graduate of Harvard and Harvard Law School, he seems to have avoided having every molecule of common sense wrung out of him, as evidenced by the reporting he has done on amnesty. He has exposed the reality that should be more than obvious to anyone who is paying attention; specifically, as noted here, the elites in both parties are shilling for amnesty, which will completely destroy this country. Of course, that’s part of Obama’s master plan to “remake” our country.

So, now Mr. Kaus and The Daily Caller are kaput because Kaus wanted to tell the truth about Fox News. From Politico:

The blogger Mickey Kaus has quit his job at The Daily Caller after the conservative site’s editor-in-chief, Tucker Carlson, pulled a critical column about Fox News from the site, Kaus told the On Media blog on Tuesday.

“It’s pretty simple,” Kaus said in an interview, “I wrote a piece attacking Fox for not being the opposition on immigration and amnesty — for filling up the airwaves with reports on ISIS and terrorism, and not fulfilling their responsibility of being the opposition on amnesty and immigration…. I posted it at 6:30 in the morning. When I got up, Tucker had taken it down. He said, ‘We can’t trash Fox on the site. I work there.'”

Carlson, who co-founded The Daily Caller in 2010, is a conservative contributor to Fox News and the host of its weekend edition of “Fox & Friends.”

Kaus says when he told Carlson he needed to be able to write about Fox, Carlson told him it was a hard-and-fast rule, and non-negotiable.

So what exactly did Mr. Kaus say about Fox? You can read it here, on his personal blog, in a piece entitled “Fox Makes It Easy for Amnesty,”   As he notes, like all media outlets, Fox News has to decide not only what to report, but what NOT to report. By choosing to say “look over here at this shiny object,” they can keep their viewers distracted from other things, things that those same viewers would probably be furious about if they knew they were going on. He starts by describing a conversation recounted by Obama operative/Chicago sleazebag, David Axelrod, in his recent memoir.

Axelrod’s Wish: On page 424 of his recent memoir, Obama’s former top strategist David Axelrod describes running into Fox chieftain (and immigration amnesty supporter) Rupert Murdoch at a dinner in the fall of 2010:

During the dinner, Murdoch, who was seated beside me, insisted that the president had to move on immigration reform. ….

“But the solution has to be comprehensive,” I said. “We can’t just attack a piece of the immigration problem. And you know, there’s one big thing that you can do to help, and that is to keep your cable network from stoking the nativism that keeps us from solving this.” [Emphasis added]

Four years later, Axelrod may be getting his wish. Most of the mainstream broadcast and cable networks avoided giving excessive coverage to the recent congressional fight over the Department of Homeland Security, which was all about Republicans trying to block Obama’s executive amnesty by attaching restrictions to DHS funding. NBC Nightly News went a step further and avoided mentioning the immigration issue even when covering the funding fight — treating the threat of a DHS shutdown as if it were some sort of out-of-the-blue natural disaster.

But it’s one thing for Dem-friendly NBC to go to bat for Obama’s causes. It’s another if Fox does it too. Fox is supposed to be the feisty opposition network. You’d think it would wage a rousing campaign against Obama’s executive actions on immigration, which are surely wildly unpopular among its viewers, both because of their ends (de facto legalizing of illegals) and their means (presidential overreach).

You’d think that. But you would be wrong.

Fox didn’t editorialize in favor of Obama. It just covered other issues.

Then he looked at The Kelly File as an example, tracking the stories they lead with, and–surprise–the issue of DHS funding and Obama’s lawless amnesty didn’t make the cut. It was all ISIS and terror. MMM …

It’s worth reading Mr. Kaus’ column, which I think many of you will find very enlightening.

I know that a lot of you are fans of Fox News, but I think we all need to face reality. Fox News is “conservative,” only if you compare it to the all out leftist propaganda on nearly every other cable and over-the-air media outlet.

The real alternative media is online.

What do you think? Will this development change your opinion of Fox News? Please comment below


  1. Wow. Nice piece Teri! I’ve heard FNC has its’ little issues with PC and the shell game. This is the first time visiting your site and being a Constitutional Conservative I will be back!! Thx!

    • Thanks so very much, Matt. I am delighted that you visited and commented, my fellow Constitutional Conservative. I invite you to check out my network, Informed America Radio. Our flagship show, The Teri O’Brien Show, airs live Sundays, 5-7 pm, here, and also on, and on iHeart Radio,, and iTunes. Best,

  2. Hi Dennis,
    Thanks so much for your comment. As I always say, it is possible to be a “low-information conservative” if one isn’t careful and just listens to a few broadcast outlets. The folks at Fox News suffer from East Coast Brain Rot like everyone else in the traditional media, which at this point, they have become. I hope you’ll come back and comment often, and check out my show, Sundays 5-7 pm Eastern, right here at

  3. Dennis, I really appreciate your comment, and I hope that you are a regular listening of the show. Remember you can listen anytime right here at (top of the page, player on the right).
    Thanks again!

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