VIDEO: Is He Clinically Insane? Delusional Obama Says He’s Increased America’s Standing in the World

Oh, and also, he’s not only not a Jew hater, as I’ve been saying for years. He’s “the closest thing to a Jew” to sit in the Oval Office.

“The Untied States is the most respected country on earth?” Where? Consider the following:

  • The New York Times, in a story with the unintentionally hilarious headline, “Iran’s Nuclear Stockpile Grows, Complicating Negotiations,” reports  TODAY:


With only one month left before a deadline to complete a nuclear deal with Iran, international inspectors have reported that Tehran’s stockpile of nuclear fuel increased about 20 percent over the last 18 months of negotiations, partially undercutting the Obama administration’s contention that the Iranian program had been “frozen” during that period.

  • Vladimir Putin recently re-criminalized any reporting about Russian military deaths during peace time, almost certainly to cover up the fact that Russians are fighting in the Ukraine, and that the Russians may be using mobile crematoria to burn bodies.
  • Last month, when Obama invited the leaders of six Gulf nations to attend a summit he was hosting at Camp David, most of them said “thanks, but no thanks,” including the king of Saudi Arabia, and the heads of Oman, UAE, and the king of Bahrain, who thought his time would be better spent attending a horse show with Queen Elizabeth! Now, if you can show me a bigger show of respect for our nation than that, I’d like to see it.

As far as bragging about ending the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, how is that working out?

From AP, just 8 days ago:

Taliban gunmen have surrounded a police compound in the volatile southern province of Helmand after killing 19 policemen and seven soldiers in an ongoing siege, a senior police officer said on Monday from inside the compound.
Napas Khan, the police chief in the Naw Zad district, told The Associated Press by telephone that the insurgents had advanced to within 20 meters (65 feet) of the compound after seizing police vehicles and weapons and blocking all roads out of Naw Zad.

“We need an immediate response from the government,” Khan said.

He said the attack started at before dawn on Monday when the insurgents overran multiple police checkpoints across the district.

“They destroyed or captured most of our checkpoints and now they have reached our police headquarters,” Khan said. “They are mostly firing at us from the hills overlooking our compound.”

As Khan spoke, gunfire and shouting could be heard in the background.

View galleryAfghan policemen stand guard at the site of a blast …
Afghan policemen stand guard at the site of a blast in Kabul, Afghanistan May 19, 2015. A bomb explo …
Helmand has long been a heartland for the Taliban, who profit heavily from opium produced in its fertile river valley.

Government forces launched an operation against the insurgents in March, in the hope of reducing the impact of the Taliban’s annual warm weather offensive. Since that offensive was launched, however, in late April, attacks across the country have intensified, spreading government forces thin.

As well as the time-worn guerrilla-style tactics of fight-and-run, the insurgents have also stepped up suicide attacks and, in some areas, targeted assassinations and kidnappings.

Also on Monday, a suicide truck bomb a last ttack and a separate roadside bombing in southern Afghanistan killed 11 people and wounded dozens more, as the Taliban clashed with supporters of the Islamic State group in the west, officials said.

Also last week, White House spokes imbecile, Josh Earnest, said “the United States is not going to be responsible for securing the security situation inside of Iraq,” despite the fact that as the Daily Caller reports

“A recent UN report obtained by the Associated Press found a “70 percent increase in the flow of foreign fighters since 2014,” as well as 25,000 individual combatants “traveling to jihadi conflicts from more than 100 countries,” leading to massive gains for militant groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda.”

This latest demonstration of Obama’s mental issues reminds me of a scene from “Seinfeld.”

OK, I know what you’re thinking. “So, he’s delusional, ideologically-blinded, and intellectually stunted,” but hold on there. It’s worse than that. Like Jerry, I’m starting to think that he needs a team of psychiatrists to reconnect him to reality, if that’s even possible. It’s ironic that Obama, a man who embraces an ideology that has been demonstrated for 100 years to be an absolute failure in practice, guaranteeing poverty and misery for any people unfortunate to have to live under it, justifies his love fest with the Castro brothers, who have been inflicting that afore-mentioned misery on their people for nearly 60 years, using that silly cliche about doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

Is it time to face the fact that we have not only a communist in the White House, but a bat-excrement crazy communist? Is Obama clinically insane? Please weigh in in the comments.


  1. I sincerely hope that he is BS crazy, if not we have an extremely dangerous person in the WH. Then again, if he is BS crazy we have an extremely dangerous person in the WH.

  2. Welcome to Obama’s bizzaro world.

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